Welcome to the Center for International Cooperation, Education and Training at Ukrainian-American Concordia University (CICET at ConcordiaUA)!

Ukrainian-American Concordia University (ConcordiaUA) is a fast-moving dynamic educational establishment with partnerships in many countries of the world. ConcordiaUA strives to achieve excellence to provide its students and partners with the first-class internationally-oriented education. The Institute participates in projects and partnerships which involve outstanding leaders in business and non-profit sectors. One of the recent steps of ConcordiaUA’s global broad activity was establishing the Center for International Cooperation, Education and Training at ConcordiaUA (CICET at ConcordiaUA).

The Center has been established with the goal of developing collaborative projects, partnership and initiatives with organizations in other countries of the world. It has a broad spectrum of operation, including business, education, training and culture. CICET at ConcordiaUA collaborates with a wide range of organizations, including for-profit and non-profit organizations, educational institutions and governmental agencies. The Center aims at increasing the international visibility of ConcordiaUA, its students and professors, enhancing the appeal of ConcordiaUA as a destination of choice in Ukraine for international and exchange students; increasing high-quality educational options ConcordiaUA alumni and friends have in their pursuit of skill development, life-long learning and mobility; establishing itself as the primary choice of cooperation for international organizations in their pursuit of establishing partnerships in Ukraine.

CICET at ConcordiaUA invites all interested parties for cooperation. The Center offers series of modules on conducting business in Ukraine, analysis of Ukrainian and Slavic mentality for best business performance, Ukraine’s culture and history for best business practices, classes on Ukrainian and Russian languages. It organizes national and international conferences, round tables, TV bridges and other events dedicated to a broad spectrum of aforementioned and other topics. Furthermore, the Center’s collaboration includes student and professor exchange and providing opportunities for continued education and training for ConcordiaUA’s alumni, friends and other interested parties. Following is the contact information of the Center. We are looking forward to welcome you at CICET at ConcordiaUA!

Director of CICET at ConcordiaUA: Olga Verkhohlyad, Ph.D.

Street Address: 8/14 Turgenevska Str., Office 2-7, 01601, Ukraine

Tel.: (+ 380 44) 236 19 16; Mobile Tel.: (+38 050) 331 42 95

Email: overkhohlyad@wiuu.kiev.ua, wiuu@wiuu.kiev.ua