BBA Admission requirements

Students applying to study at ConcordiaUA must have completed secondary school with a satisfactory grade point average. In addition, students must prove English proficiency by submitting a TOEFL score (or an equivalent English test) or by taking a placement test at ConcordiaUA to begin study according BBA curriculum.

Students scoring below standard will be expected to enrol in ConcordiaUA Language School until such time that they have reached satisfactory English proficiency. The American faculty teach classes with the understanding that students have the required English proficiency.

List of Required Documents for Ukrainian Students
  • documents of previously acquired education;
  • Certificate and Record of High School Transcript;
  • Ukrainian Passport (internal and international);
  • Birth Certificate – for people who do not have Passport or other document proving identity;
  • copy of national ID Card;
  • Military Certificate (for men);
  • six (6) photos (3×4).
List of Required Documents for International Students
  • Certificate and Record of High School Transcript (translated and legalized by your country’s official authorities either in your home country or in the Embassy of your country in Ukraine) and nostrificated  by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine;
  • Medical Certificate (translated and legalized);
  • copy of Passport (translated and legalized);
  • fourteen (14) photos (3×4);
  • proof of fully paid tuition and other fees (including library deposit, dormitory, medical health insurance, immigration insurance and registration).

The new rule for transfer credits is as follows:

In order to transfer credits from another educational institution to ConcordiaUA, a potential student must provide ConcordiaUA with the information regarding the learning outcomes of the course, for which the credit transfer is sought. Furthermore, adequate information on certification/accreditation/quality assurance of the HEI from where the credit transfer is sought must be provided by the potential student.

If the HEI possesses nationally/internationally recognized accreditation, and if the learning outcomes are not substantially different from the ones at ConcordiaUA, credit transfer may be allowed. In case of rejection of a foreign qualification, substantial differences in the learning outcomes have to be substantiated.

There is no limitation to the quantity of the courses that may be transferred.


Each fall and spring semester, academic advisors offer preregistration counseling. Preregistration for the Fall semester takes places during the Spring and Summer, and for the Spring semester preregistration takes place during the Fall semester. Each potential or current student is required to make an appointment with Hon. Dr. Olena Volovik, Dean of International programs (380-44-486-0666 [ext 204]) ( or with Ms. Olga Glazova, Admissions Director (380-44-236-1916 [ext 108]) ( They advise students on all issues concerning registration and the process of studying, the offering of courses if applicants will take separate subjects during the semester. Potential and current students then create their educational schedule with their help and are registered.

 It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Accountant’s Office, which issues bills, and make sure that the fees have been paid according to the schedule established for them.

After the start of a semester, a student may take one week to decide whether to keep certain classes or not. Any class may be dropped during the first week with no penalty.