Department is an organizational, teaching and research structural element of the University.
Students applying to study at the Preparatory Department must have completed secondary (high) school with a satisfactory grade point average.
All international applicants coming to Ukraine with a purpose of studying shall obtain an “Invitation to study” from the University.
Students from visa countries and countries with which Ukraine signed an agreement on visa-free period of stay of up 90 days (tourist, private and business travel) shall seek long-term (“education” type D) visa to Ukraine, which allows to stay in Ukraine longer than 90 days.
Citizens of countries with which Ukraine signed an agreement on visa-free regime (Georgia, Moldova, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Russia) do not require a visa to Ukraine, but shall provide an original or photocopy of “Invitation to study” when crossing Ukrainian border as an acknowledgment of their purpose of visit to Ukraine.
To obtain type D visa a prospective student shall submit a list of documents to the consulate of Ukraine in respective country, according to the list of documents indicated on the Embassy’s website. Such a list of documents always includes the original “Invitation to study.”
Consulates do not accept documents from international students without visa support and cannot therefore proceed with issuing student visa.
When you have your date of arrival to Ukraine fixed, it is critically important to send a timely notification to our University about the date, time and point (airport) of your arrival and flight number. You can do it yourself or via an agent with whom you cooperate. You are advised to inform your university you need someone to meet you in the airport in case your friends, relatives or acquaintances who are already staying in Ukraine cannot meet you. If your friends or acquaintances are meeting you at the airport, you are advised to inform the University of their contact details as the University sends these details to the border control. During passport control the Border Service can verify whether the persons mentioned in the notification to the University are meeting you. This is intended to ensure your safety in a new country, especially in cases when your university is located in a city different from the airport city in Ukraine.