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The Application Procedure for Dual and Exchange Programs (Germany, USA)

TRIER UNIVERSITY October 15 – December 15 – Home universities should announce their nominees for the following summer semester to Trier University HOCHSCHULE WORMS Nomination period for the following Summer semester – December 01, 2018 Nomination period for  the Fall semester – June 01, 2019 UNIVERSITY OF KOBLENZ – LANDAU Deadline – March 15, 2019 […]

ConcordiaUA basketball competition

Our students have an opportunity to show their worth on the sports ground and cheer their favorite teams! ConcordiaUA held a basketball competition between freshmen and sophomore teams. Our most sincere greetings to the winning team: Artem Kashpur, Bekir Chegertma, Oleksandr Malko, Oleksii Klymenko, Yakup Yusupov. We would also like to congratulate our freshmen Yuliia […]

The title of Honorary Doctor of UACU was conferred on Philipp Schmidt and Jan Metzler

Our guest lecturers and partners, the representatives of the German Parliament Prof. Philipp Schmidt and Prof. Jan Metzler were awarded the title of Honorary Doctor (Honoris Causa) of Ukrainian-American Concordia University after the public lectures they delivered for ConcordiaUA students on October 30. The ceremonial event included the awarding of the Honorary Doctor of UACU […]

ConcordiaUA students meet the German parliament representatives

On October 30, 2018, ConcordiaUA hosted incredibly amazing lecturers, the German parliament representatives, our partners Philipp Schmidt, Hendrik Doss, and Jan Metzler. Prof. Dr. h.c. Philipp Schmidt delivered a presentation entitled “Communication, branding, marketing in politics”. The lecturer gave an in-depth analysis of the concept of marketing and its peculiarities in German politics, and stressed […]

Summer Internship

I had the privilege of doing my internship during this last summer holiday at naturalist English camp (Way Ahead). The internship lasted for almost two months. With each set lasting for two weeks. It was an adventurous one because I had the opportunity to meet different people most especially children from different backgrounds. I was […]

HMC Projects Scholarship Contest Announced!

HMC Projects Scholarship Contest for the academic year 2019/2020 is announced.   To apply you must be no younger than 16.0 and no older than 17.6 on 1st September 2019. Your parents or guardians must support your desire to win a scholarship.   You must apply via the HMC Projects Country Coordinator in Ukraine – Ukrainian- American Concordia University: hmcprojects@wiuu.edu.ua   In […]

Charitable Fundraising Marathon

The Student Council of ConcordiaUA (headed by Arina Tokarenko) has organized a charitable Fundraising Marathon. Our first and second year students have been selling red balloons to Kyivites. The funds collected through the Marathon will enable them to take 60 kids from Kyiv orphanages to the city’s theaters!   A participant’s comment:   “Do kind things – […]