Entries by Nikolay Slabko

Summer Internship

I had the privilege of doing my internship during this last summer holiday at naturalist English camp (Way Ahead). The internship lasted for almost two months. With each set lasting for two weeks. It was an adventurous one because I had the opportunity to meet different people most especially children from different backgrounds. I was […]

HMC Projects Scholarship Contest Announced!

HMC Projects Scholarship Contest for the academic year 2019/2020 is announced.   To apply you must be no younger than 16.0 and no older than 17.6 on 1st September 2019. Your parents or guardians must support your desire to win a scholarship.   You must apply via the HMC Projects Country Coordinator in Ukraine – Ukrainian- American Concordia University: hmcprojects@wiuu.edu.ua   In […]

Charitable Fundraising Marathon

The Student Council of ConcordiaUA (headed by Arina Tokarenko) has organized a charitable Fundraising Marathon. Our first and second year students have been selling red balloons to Kyivites. The funds collected through the Marathon will enable them to take 60 kids from Kyiv orphanages to the city’s theaters!   A participant’s comment:   “Do kind things – […]

Freshmen’s Coca-Cola Plant Tour

As our students are would-be managers in international companies. Thus, it is essential that they become familiar with a multinational and gain an understanding of its management and operations.   Within the academic internship “Introduction to Business”, ConcordiaUA freshmen visited a Coca-Cola plant. Now the students are to complete group projects with assigned topics around […]

HMC Projects scholar’s comment – from Scotland, UK

We are delighted to publish the fascinating photos and the wonderful essay produced by one of this year’s HMC Projects scholars from Ukraine, sharing her firsthand impressions and genuine insights of the journey to Great Britain and her school in Scotland.   My first impressions of the life in Dollar Academy From the moment I was offered a scholarship at Dollar […]

Memorandum of Understanding

ConcordiaUA students, alumni, faculty and colleagues welcome the event that took place on July 10, 2018 at SocialBoost: Presentation of Mr.Paul Thomas, Advisor to ConcordiaUA Rector, signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with Socialboost and discussions! Looking forward to fruitful cooperation with great opportunities for our students and alumni internship and career development!

Good Bye Academic Year 2017-2018!

Good Bye Academic Year 2017-2018! Let’s summarize ConcordiaUA high points briefly, this year there were a lot of new opportunities for the university: We got a new “old” partner, but now as co-founder, Concordia University – Wisconsin / Ann Arbor (USA) The University changed its name, and now Wisconsin International University Ukraine (WIUU) is called […]

Graduation Ceremony

ConcordiaUA Graduation Ceremony 2018 will be held on June 22, 2018 at 2 pm. Looking forward to meeting you, ConcordiaUA Bachelor and Master Graduates, your parents and friends, guests, alumni, faculty and staff!