ConcordiaUA Students at Ukrainian-Iraqi Business Forum

“A new business year in the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry began with the Ukrainian-Iraqi Business Forum Within the framework of the forum, a large delegation of Iraqi businessmen visited Ukraine to attend the event which took place in the Chamber on Jan 17th 2018.
As business students of Ukrainian-American Concordia University, once again we had the chance to attend the event and assist as interpreters for non-English speaking businessmen.
Based on its results, a number of mutually beneficial trade contracts were signed and new perspectives of mutual economic trade were discussed.”
Diala Sallam, ConcordiaUA Student

On November 5, Ukrainian-American Concordia University presented a new Master Dual Program with or partner – University of Occupational Safety Management (UOSM) in Katowice (Poland)

UACU students pursuing Master’s degrees in Business Administration or International Management have an opportunity to participate in the joint programs: Project Management or Psychology in International Business from UOSM. The dual diploma program starts in 2018.
The presentation, hosted by UACU, was attended by our partner university officials, Dr. Jacek Skorus, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, and Kateryna Lukianova, Office of International Cooperation. UACU was represented by Liubov I. Kondratenko, Cand. of Sci. in Pedagogy, Provost; Liubov V. Zharova, Dr. of Sci. in Economics, Head of the International Management and International Business Department, senior scientist; Oleksandra O. Romanovska, Cand. of Sci. in Pedagogy, Head of the Liberal Arts Department.
The speakers for our partner university presented its didactic infrastructure and emphasized the significant importance attached to the internationalization of studies at UOSM, i.e. cooperation with universities and research centers in Europe and involvement with international programs. Special attention was paid to the opportunities, perspectives and benefits UACU students receive through the joint dual diploma programs.
Finally, the participants discussed the specific issues of the current programs and outlined the directions for the future cooperation.

Prof. Dr. phil. Gert. R. Polli

On November 29, the students of our American Studies program attended the lecture «IntelligenceSecurity Services and Counterterrorism» delivered by Gert-R. Polli, Prof. Dr. phil., UACU Honorary Professor.
The lecture provided insights into topics like state security policy, anti-terrorism and counter-espionage, the current threat level and the role of the media. The scope of issues critically examined and discussed also included industrial espionage – the strategies of the intelligence services, security agencies, Internet service providers and global corporations influencing our commercial enterprises, controlling and manipulating our private and personal data.
Gert-R. Polli, Prof. Dr. phil., is an organization and government security and strategy expert with more than 30 years of experience in civil, military, intelligence and diplomatic environment as well as in other public and private sectors, having worked, inter alia, as Head of Corporate Security at Siemens AG and the Austrian government as Head of Intelligence for more than 6 years. Dr. Polli is an expert in the field of Threat Analysis related to current and future political and security challenges in Europe. In this capacity he is well known and respected in public and media.
He was working and living in conflict zones like IraqSyriaPakistan and was resident in Turkey until September 2016. Mid 2017 Dr. Polli has published a well-received book on European Security & Intelligence issues, and is frequently guest on TV and other media to comment on policy and security related topics.

Ukrainian-Iraqi business forum was held in the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on November 23rd 2017. 

Ukrainian-Iraqi business forum was held in the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on November 23rd 2017. 

As business students, we had the chance to attend the event as translators. 

The event had many businessmen from various business sectors (medicine, FMCG, tourism, construction and export/import) who all discussed the possibilities of collaboration and trade between Iraq and Ukraine

The event ended by exchanging contact info and business meetings planned.

Citibank representatives joined our “American Studies” course

Citibank representatives joined our “American Studies” course. H. Mikulytska, Head of Department for International Corporate Business, Vice Chairperson of Citibank-Ukraine Board of Directors, discussed the peculiarities of corporate culture and ethics with UACU students.…/korporativnakulturataetikavid…/
Our students’ impressions of the class:
Oleksandra Shalamai, 1st year student, International Economic Relations and BBA programs:
The lecture with the head of the department of international corporate business, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Citibank-Ukraine Н. Mikulytska passed in one go. So, we examined the topic “Ethical decision making”, everything was clear and understandable. I believe that this topic is very important for us as we are future managers. The following issues were also considered: the principles of decision-making on ethical considerations in society; corporate features of decision making and implementation; ethics in making managerial decisions. Master class from Hanna Mikulytska was simply gorgeous; I enjoyed every word when I attended the lectures.
Anastasiia Fliagina, 1st year student, International Economic Relations and BBA programs:
It was such a pleasure to be present at the lecturedelivered by Hanna MikulytskaDespite the fact that the topic of the lecture “Ethical decision making” may sound boring, she managed to make it extremely interesting. She didn’t just read information, but gave us real examples, one concerning a situation in a family and another – in a huge entity “Citibank”. Both of them were educative and made me think about how I would behave in similar situations.

Hanna Mikulytska also informed us about three “ethical loops”, including right, good and fitting, which can also be explained as media, manager and mama. This as well was new for me and I enjoyed the explanation of it very much. 

To sum up, I would like to thank Hanna Mikulytska for such a wonderful lecture. I would be happy if you came to our university more often.
Mykhailo Otrosh, 1st year student, International Economic Relations and BBA programs:
The most recent American Studies lecture took place on last Wednesday, November 1st and was given by Hanna Mikulytska, the Ukrainian Global Subsidiary Director at Citibank. The last lecture was quite different from the previous ones in the regard that the speaker was Ukrainian, and not a foreigner from the U.S. or Germany, like in times beforehand. 

Fortunately enough, her not being a native English speaker did not affect either the quality or the amount of substance presented during her address.

Ms. Mikulytska’s speech concerned the topic of Ethical Decision Making, a subject I and other freshmen students at WIUU had already discussed earlier during Principles of Diplomacy class, and expanded upon it.

Rather than using a more theoretical approach during her speech as our past lecturers did, she instead gave us actual real-life cases, wherein people would use ethics in making financial decisions.

The first example was about a boy who had found his grandmother’s lost purse, and withdrew money from it, because he thought his actions were justified, as he was, in his own mind, “part of the family”, and thus, had permission to take money out of the family’s budget without his relatives’ necessary knowledge.

The second example was that of a mishandling of an error in a bank’s computer system. As she described to us, the person who was responsible for the coding mistake was fired, but the bank’s employees who had taken advantage of the error for personal monetary gain, were not, since such an action was not legally punishable.

Ms. Mikulytska used those two instances in order to convey to us the difference between the terms “right”, “good”, and “fitting”, when it comes to making choices concerning money in both domestic and business circumstances, as well as “ethical loops” that making such choices involves.

Ms. Mikulytska’s discourse has taught me about ethics in business, as well as provided me with specific instances of making such choices, which has given me new insight into the aforementioned topic. 
I am eagerly anticipating our next AS lecture, and am hoping to see Ms. Mikulytska once again.

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