Dear Students!

Hope you are enjoying your winter vacations.
ConcordiaUA Spring (Second) Semester starts February 4, 2019 and finishes June 10, 2019.
The Finals and Test-Center are planned from May 27 to June 10, 2019.
Looking forward to meeting you soon!
ConcordiaUA Dean’s Office

ConcordiaUA 2019 Presentation

ConcordiaUA Membership

On September 04, 2018 Ukrainian-American Concordia University became a member of the Union of the Enterepreneurs of Small, Medium-sized and Privatized Enterprises of Ukraine.

Alumni MBA 2012

ConcordiaUA/WIUU MBA2012 Alumni 👩🎓 👨🎓 Reunion on November 16, 2018! Awesome! Wishing you all much success))

MOU with Turkish University

Our honorable guest!

Maria Christina, ESL instructor and representer of Italian Embassy in Ukraine, has visited ConcordiaUA and we look forward to our future cooperation!

ConcordiaUA Law School

Dear current and future students,

We are happy to inform you that we have started a new education project “ConcordiaUA Law School” with our Professor Dr. Sergiy Panasyuk. In short videos, you will find basic information on Ukrainian state structure and other legislative provisions. We hope these videos will be useful and interesting for you!

Welcome and Enjoy! ))))


The Application Procedure for Dual and Exchange Programs (Germany, USA)


October 15 – December 15 – Home universities should announce their nominees for the following summer semester to Trier University


Nomination period for the following Summer semester – December 01, 2018
Nomination period for  the Fall semester – June 01, 2019


Deadline – March 15, 2019 (for ConcordiaUA students – February 15, 2019)


It is a rolling application, so students can apply any time (for MBA, we have 6 x 2 month semesters). If they start by taking classes in Ukraine, you may have a deadline for them to take classes in Spring.


The application deadline for Spring semester is November 19th, 2018.

The application deadline for Fall semester is July 12th, 2019.

ConcordiaUA basketball competition

Our students have an opportunity to show their worth on the sports ground and cheer their favorite teams!

ConcordiaUA held a basketball competition between freshmen and sophomore teams.

Our most sincere greetings to the winning team: Artem Kashpur, Bekir Chegertma, Oleksandr Malko, Oleksii Klymenko, Yakup Yusupov. We would also like to congratulate our freshmen Yuliia Ternova, Vladyslava Yemelianenkova, Ihor Holuban, Bohdan Piven, and Illia Zamula on winning the silver place!