ConcordiaUA students meet the German parliament representatives

On October 30, 2018, ConcordiaUA hosted incredibly amazing lecturers, the German parliament representatives, our partners Philipp Schmidt, Hendrik Doss, and Jan Metzler.

Prof. Dr. h.c. Philipp Schmidt delivered a presentation entitled “Communication, branding, marketing in politics”. The lecturer gave an in-depth analysis of the concept of marketing and its peculiarities in German politics, and stressed the importance of developing a business plan, the right distribution of functions in order to reach the most forward-looking outcomes.

Prof. Dr. h.c. Hendrik Doss offered a detailed insight into the formation of ideal brands, video and photo content. He addressed such issues as the ways to develop the right video projection and photo content as well as the impact of the right composition and elaborate arrangement of scene in video and photo content on a person’s motivation. Prof. Doss gave special attention to the core points to be taken into account while building a political brand in political electoral competition.

Prof. Dr. h.c. Jan Metzler is a forward-looking German politician, a glaring example of modern German youth, currently paving his political path and, thus, considerably instrumental in world and national issues of current interest. He gave a talk on his activities, comprising not just the sphere of politics, but also economics, society, and many others. The lecturer shared the secrets regarding the opportunities young adults have nowadays to reach any goals, and offered a set of practical recommendations on how to construct a progressive political campaign.