Teaches The Being a Leader and Effective Exercise of Leadership: An Ontological/ Phenomenological Model

Graduated from University of Missouri, St. Louis B.A. Chem. and Washington University of St. Louis, with Masters of Social Work

Founder and owner of Central Contracting Inc. an upscale residential renovation contractor since 1981

Previous experience as chemist at Monsanto World Headquarters and Mallinckrodt Laboratories. Top salesman at Roche Laboratories and Astra-Zeneca.

At Landmark Education throughout the USA, Canada and Mexico:  Trained over 500 volunteers and staff in presenting and managing groups. Produced and organized over 50 seminars for 10 to 300 person events. Managed enrollment and registration into programs. Conducted group exercises with over 5,000 people that allowed participants to breakthrough to new levels of self-expression and self-confidence

Attended over 2,500 hours of classroom workshop seminars on topics such as Commitment, Integrity, Causing the Miraculous, Beyond Fitness, Being Extraordinary, Sex and Intimacy, Creativity, Living Passionately, Producing Breakthrough Results, Relationships, Success: The Power of Context, Excellence, Living Powerfully. Attended week-end long courses: More Money and More Time, Communication Workshop and Advanced Communication Workshop., Salesmanship Course; Communication Workshop, Mastery of Empowerment, More Time, More Money, 6-Day Advanced Course, Self-Expression and Leadership, Transforming Yesterdays’ Strategies, And the year long courses: Wisdom Unlimited, Partnerships Exploration, and Power and Contribution. Jeff redesigned and presented the Access to Mastery course.

He teaches the Being A Leader and Effective Exercise to Leadership: An Ontological / Phenomenological Model at Ukrainian-American Concordia University, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, National Aviation University, Taras Shevchenko University and holds workshops and lectures at US Embassy’s Janet C. Demiray english Teacher Resource Center and Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.