BBA FIBAA Accreditation

Joint Ukrainian-American Bachelor Programs

ConcordiaUA offers joint Ukrainian-American Programs leading students to International Degree — Bachelor of Business Administration and Ukrainian Degrees – Bachelor of International Business and Bachelor of Management. Students completing Joint Ukrainian-American Bachelor Business Program receive an International Bachelor of Business Administration Diploma of Ukrainian American Concordia University and a Ukrainian Bachelor of International Business Diploma or Ukrainian Bachelor of Management State Diploma (the latter is accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine).

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree (BBA)

Business education at ConcordiaUA prepares students to assume effective and responsible leadership roles in organizations and business. A three-part curriculum has been designed to meet this goal. The liberal arts classes provide the foundation for students to understand themselves and their dynamic work. Students learn to communicate and develop an understanding of cultural, social, economic, international and technical environments in which we live. This major provides students with an introduction to the functional areas of an organization, basic managerial and organizational concepts, and an overall view of policy making. The qualitative and quantitative nature of this common core enables students to develop their critical and analytical skills. The curriculum provides students an opportunity to gain more insights on specific business areas of their interest as well as greater understanding of the global society. Also the entire program is designed to foster a strong command of the English language. Students must earn a minimum of 120 semester credits (approximately 40 courses). Completion of the intermediate level of at least one foreign language (except English) is required. Students who enroll in summer courses at ConcordiaUA or at partner universities abroad can complete the program in less than four years. The program leads to International BBA Diploma.

Curriculum structure

This is a rigorous program spread over eight semesters in four years. The BBA program comprises of the following course components:

Core Courses: 81

General Education Courses: 39

Total: 120 credit hours