FIBAA MBA Accreditation

Dear ConcordiaUA/WIUU students, faculty, alumni,
This is to inform you that on April 17-18 we are having an onsite visit of the European Accreditation Board FIBAA for re-accrediting our MBA Program. Interviews, discussions, meetings! Today is something special: group interview with MBA students and alumni!

Our Students! Myhailo Otrash

Celebrating World Poetry Day!

ConcordiaUA introducing computer-based testing

Moving toward an electronic format of assessment, ConcordiaUA has decided to introduce computer-based examinations starting with the spring term 2018. ConcordiaUA professors and instructors are being encouraged to make Midterm and Final exam papers via computer-based mode, although the pencil-and paper mode is still randomly in use. By the end of this term, e-exams are to be the only format of assessment.
The first e-Midterms were taken by our 4th year students in World Economics and 2nd year students in Macroeconomics. Professor Dr. of Sci. in Economics L. Zharova, Head of the International Management and International Business Department, is assisted by Senior Lecturer Cand. Sc. in Economics N.M. Protsun, Dean of the School of Management, Director of Distance Learning Center. The students were able to use calculators, pens, scratch paper, but mobile phones were not allowed in the testing room and, thus, collected by the test supervisors before the examination.
Our congratulations to the students who have passed their first e-tests!

Prof. Dr. Stephan Welk “Diplomacy Between Statecraft and Social Science”

On March 9, 2018 our students and teachers met with Professor, Doctor Stefan Welk. Professor delivered a lecture on diplomacy and aspects of work of the diplomats. In particular, one of the issues was the importance of mastering the art of negotiation. The presented topic was very interesting for students and, upon completion of the lecture, students asked a large number of questions. Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Head of the department of Public Institution “Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine” Bystriakov I. K. also participated in debates.