Summer Internship

I had the privilege of doing my internship during this last summer holiday at naturalist English camp (Way Ahead). The internship lasted for almost two months. With each set lasting for two weeks. It was an adventurous one because I had the opportunity to meet different people most especially children from different backgrounds. I was assisting the teachers for the first 3 sets and for the last set I was their main and only teacher because they were less number of children. We had a lot of fun activities like swimming, camping, watching movies, roasting marshmallows and we played a lot of games which I had the opportunity of introducing some to them. I also try some Ukrainian food and soup (borscht was my favorite), we also visited Kiev Rus show park. It wasn’t all about fun and games, though. I was teaching Ukrainian children in English and I also had the chance to learn some Ukrainian words. So in a way, we were helping each other. During the end of a particular set time, we gathered around a fire and talked about our stay which got really emotional most of the times because the children had to say goodbye to the teachers and the friends they met there. Overall, my experience was a good one and my memory of the camp is bittersweet.

Charitable Fundraising Marathon

The Student Council of ConcordiaUA (headed by Arina Tokarenko) has organized a charitable Fundraising Marathon. Our first and second year students have been selling red balloons to Kyivites. The funds collected through the Marathon will enable them to take 60 kids from Kyiv orphanages to the city’s theaters!
A participant’s comment:
“Do kind things – it’s  very simple. Today we were selling balloons at Maidan Nezalezhnosti, collected money we gave for charity, and leftovers of balloons we just gave to people. Don’t be afraid of making good things and telling about them to people. Give motivation to people to do such a things. It’s enough just to tell somebody that he/she looks great today, and this is also a kind deed. See? It’s not hard at all!”
Do good!

Freshmen’s Coca-Cola Plant Tour

As our students are would-be managers in international companies. Thus, it is essential that they become familiar with a multinational and gain an understanding of its management and operations.
Within the academic internship “Introduction to Business”, ConcordiaUA freshmen visited a Coca-Cola plant. Now the students are to complete group projects with assigned topics around the business system of the Coca-Cola company as one of Ukraine’s leading businesses.

Proud of Our Alumni.

When taking part in the festive events dedicated to Freshman Induction Ceremony of the institute “Ukrainian-American Concordia University”, I felt like I was a former freshman of this noble institution of higher education. I was curious to watch the new students while recalling the day when I once entered the institute’s Congregation Hall, accompanied by my parents, a bit nervous about the yet unknown pathway toward the student life.

Today I am an instructor, a lawyer – imparting my knowledge and experience to students. Proud of the high praise of my capabilities I receive from the administration.

With enormous respect to my life teachers Oleksandr Oleksiiovych Romanovskyi, Yuliia Yuriivna Romanovska, and with appreciation of the title Honorary Doctor for Law, conferred upon me by Yurii Petrovych Bohutskyi, Adviser to the President of Ukraine.


The official Opening of the Academic Year 2018-2019

The new academic year 20172018 was officially opened on Monday, September 3.

Every beginning of the academic year is very special for Ukrainian-American Concordia University.

Excited faces, plenty of questions, encouraging welcome speeches, applause, new friends, professors’ handshakes, dressed up parents, expectations of the first semester at university and, of course, tons of English language – we like it all. Remember to make it a great year.