Graduation Ceremony

ConcordiaUA Graduation Ceremony 2018 will be held on June 22, 2018 at 2 pm.

Looking forward to meeting you, ConcordiaUA Bachelor and Master Graduates, your parents and friends, guests, alumni, faculty and staff!

Welcome to Dual Bachelor Degree with the University of Minnesota Crookston (USA)

ConcordiaUA Bachelor Programs:

  • Management + BBA
  • IT Management + BBA
  • Hotel Management + BBA
  • International Business + BBA
  • International Economic Relations + BBA

University of Minnesota Crookston Bachelor Programs:

  • Manufacturing Management
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing
  • Sport and Recreation Management etc.

Many other majors and minors at UMC are available upon request

ConcordiaUA students are to study at least 10 courses (incl. the minimum of 5 courses within the final term) at the University of Minnesota Crookston online, on campus or in a combination of both.

Successful graduates will be awarded the following diplomas:

  • Diploma of the University of Minnesota Crookston
  • International BBA Diploma from ComcordiaUA (accredited by FIBAA)
  • Ukrainian state diploma from ConcordiaUA

Tuition Fees 

US $ 10,180 (on campus)

US $ 11,351 (online)

Application Deadlines

Fall 2018 International Application – July 10, 2018

Spring 2019 International Application – November 19, 2018


Kevin Thompson

Department Head/Assoc Prof

120Dowell Hall and Annex

(218) 281-8254

Christina Bilash Johnson & Johnson

Approaching another important milestone of my life… Have to admit that it was sometimes quite challenging yet exciting experience. I really enjoyed every bit of it and already start feeling nostalgic…
I would like to dedicate my special thanks to our Dean, Elena Volovyk. Thank you for all your support, guidance, leadership, and passion!
And also to all the professors and instructors, my thanks for experience, knowledge, and inspiration.  🙏❤

Bachelor Courses Evaluation (questionnaire)

Dear Bachelor Students,
We are looking forward to your evaluation of the courses have been offered.
The deadline is May 20. We would appreciate having your opinion here:
Thank you for cooperation.
ConcordiaUA Administration