Welcome the Socialboost & ConcordiaUA Event!

1991 Civic Tech Center together with Ukrainian-American Concordia University (UACU) will discuss how industries are going to change and which perspectives do we have for future specializations and kinds of work.

We will look at the topic in a very broad and forward-looking way as to economic and technology trends and, therefore, potential business and career working opportunities.

Speaker: Paul R. Thomas. Partner in the Ukrainian firm “Thomas and Simonova” and a Special Advisor to the Rector of the UACU. Professor of business and economics, businessman and consultant, who has lived and worked around the world, including for more than 20 years in Ukraine.

Language: English

When: July 10, from 7 till 9 pm
Where: 1991 Civic Tech Center,
Parus BC, 2 Mechnykova Street, 18 floor

The event is free.
Registration is required: https://goo.gl/forms/z5tuXJ2FtHTyxYJk2

See you!