WIUU Bachelor Cooperative Degrees with State University of Minnesota Crookston

This year we start offering WIUU Bachelor Cooperative Degrees with our partner – State University of Minnesota Crookston (USA)

Bachelor WIUU –

1) Management + BBA;

2) International Business + BBA;

3) International Economic Relations + BBA.

University of Minnesota Crookston –

1) Bachelor of Manufacturing Management;

2) Bachelor of Science International Business; 

3) Bachelor of Science Management.

Other Majors and Minors are available on demand.

30 subjects (3 years) at WIUU + State Exams to be eligible for Ukrainian State Diploma.

10 subjects minimum, including 5 subjects during the last semester of the Program at U of M Crookston (online/onsite) or a combination of both.


1.      U of M Crookston 

2.      WIUU International BBA accredited by FIBAA

3.      WIUU Ukrainian State.

WIUU fees according to regular tuition fees per semesters plus administrative fee.

U of M Crookston Fees:     

For students interested in studying on campus:

Tuition                             US   $10,180

Fees                                         $1,920

Room and board                      $7,658

Other estimated costs              $3,200 

(Books $1,200, Personal spending $2,000)

Insurance; mandatory purchase $2,000

Total cost                         US    $ 24,958 

at UMC (fall and spring) – 

10 courses onsite – US    $24,958 

Or 10 courses online – US    $11,351.00

Textbooks per semester online/onsite – textbook costs vary per semester, per discipline. 

U of M Crookston 

Applications Deadlines (online/onsite) –

• Summer Online deadline: Friday, May 26th

• Fall On Campus deadline: Friday, July 21st

• Fall Online deadline: Friday, August 12th

(costs stated are fiscal 2016-2017, tuition is subject to change)