WIUU Cooperation with Germany

On May 30, WIUU delegation visited Schiller International University Heidelberg Campus.
During the meeting with SIU Campus Director Michael Reynon, Director of Admissions – Europe Branislav Lujic and Admissions Advisor Ana Tomsic the following questions were discussed: students and faculty exchange, short and long term programs for WIUU students, conditions for mutual recognition of credits and possibilities for students internships in Germany.
WIUU friend, young German Politician, Yunus Emre took part in the meeting.

SIU has been WIUU partner since 1996!




Cooperation with Germany

On April 30 WIUU delegation took part in the sitting of the Board of German-Ukrainian Society of Economics and Science. The plan of cooperation between WIUU and German institutions was discussed.



Join WIUU Students and Alumni Projects, Savchuk Alina

WIUU is the university that I admire the best and I can definitely say that it is my second home. From the time of enrollment to this great place, I have not even thought that I made a wrong decision. I can say that Wisconsin University gave me real and practical knowledge, which I can apply during my job right now. Classes were always interesting and excited, despite the fact that you really have to study hard and to overcome lots of challenges. But, that made my studying and years spent in WIUU much more efficient and fun. Additionally, WIUU brought me unforgettable experience and moments, which I spent time with my friends. Therefore, I am very thankful to whole team working in WIUU for giving me a chance to learn a lot and to receive useful and practical knowledge and education.


Join WIUU Students and Alumni Projects, Morozova Yuliya

For me, WIUU is a special place because it gives people an opportunity to study by American standards without going out of Ukraine. Immerging in the atmosphere of our university, one can get valuable international experience, since not only our students but teachers as well are from different countries. That is why besides studying subjects we exchange our experiences, views and cultures and learn from each other. Where else would you be able to say that your college friend is Syrian or British? Only in WIUU! Moreover, our university has lots of partners among other universities abroad and international companies. So our students and graduates have lots of opportunities for their scholar development and future careers. And finally, being a part of WIUU is fun! Every day is filled up with new impressions and acquaintances. So if not WIUU, then where else to study at?


Join WIUU Students and Alumni Projects, Nesterov Alex

Days in university are really cool. Getting involved in all organizational and studying events is fantastic. Moreover, people there behave like if they were one big family and that gives the feeling of confidence. Studying there is interesting and captivating, which positively effects students’ grades and eventually leads to good educational progress. Teachers are friendly and that helps newcomers to feel self-assured and certain. What’s more, University gives an opportunity to visit one of their partners’ offices. As a result students can gain valuable experience and knowledge for their future careers.

Wisconsin International University of Ukraine respects everybody’s thoughts and ideas. From the first day it helps students to improve and build their radiant future.


Kiev City marathon 2014, this is de life!!


Students Vadim Plutenko and Rostislav Lubchenko took part in the XIV International Students Conference PPCY

On April 24-26 WIUU fourth year students Vadim Plutenko and Rostislav Lubchenko took part in the XIV International Students Conference PPCY (Pedagogics, Public sector, Culture, Youth work), at Narva University College.

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Meeting with high school pupils

On April 25, 2014 WIUU took part at the Qualifications Fair for high school pupils in Bucha.


Join WIUU Students and Alumni Projects, Potabenko Albina

Choosing university to study in, I was guided by a variety of factors. I didn’t want to write huge abstracts about obsolete or inapplicable information or fall asleep from boring monotonous lecturer voice. And I’m happy to say, that having studed in WIUU for more than a semester, I never did. Lecturers are cheerful and charismatic here, subjects are interesting and valuable, atmosphere is friendly and cozy. Coming here I was sure that when I graduate, work would not be a problem, because knowledge we get here is practical and useful. And finally another important point is language. Most of us came here because WIUU suggests unique opportunity to learn English. It is necessity nowadays. Concluding everything, our university gives us many chances for professional  future and makes us competent in business world.


Join WIUU Students and Alumni Projects, Popovych Anna

I cannot imagine my life without WIUU. It became a kind of home for me in the last years. It is quite small so everyone knows each other and always can help if you need it. I can be myself here because everyone accepts the individual you are. Another reason why I like my university it is the way the lessons are taught. Teachers don’t just read the material from the book but communicate with students, creating the interest in their subjects. Such way of teaching enables me to enjoy what i am learning! Teachers here do support students and it creates friendly and welcoming atmosphere on the lessons. This university gives me valuable knowledge and experience, creating lots of opportunities. I am grateful to this university for who I have became here.