Business English Master class

Business English Master class at Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) in Ukraine” was held on July 30, 2014.


Meeting with German friends at WIUU was held on July 25, 2014.

Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. Alexander Romanovskii, Ph.D., Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Iuliia Romanovska (Head of English Department of the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University), Svitlana Vlasiuk (Rector’s delegate for development and international cooperation), Admissions Director Olga Glazova, Prof. Moritz Hunzinger (Honorary Doctor of Philosophy and Honorary Professor of Public Relations and Communication), Publisher Michael Ruiss and Dr. Tatjana Mirzodaeva (Dean of the School of Management).

Rostyslav Liubchenko (WIUU MBA Student) about his experience at Porsche Finance Group


Working in Porsche Finance Group I found useful the knowledge WIUU provided me through almost 4 years of my education. Porsche Finance is large international company and their field of business is leasing and crediting cars from official dealers in Ukraine. Surely, the most useful knowledge for me, working there as trainee, was English and Business English. My primary duties included communication with a lot of colleagues, business partners and, sometimes, top management from Austria. I am glad that on our weekly meetings I understood every word and all the business-terms my colleagues operated. I also would like to mention our Multinational Enterprise and Theory of Economy classes, where I got nice theoretical background. This allowed me to accommodate quickly inside the company, understand principles of their work and used my knowledge on practice. I am thankful to WIUU instructors for their work and for the desire to do the best for the students.

WIUU faculty member Dr. Glib Buriak on Economics Development (112 TV Channel)

Evgeniya Serdyuk (WIUU 4th year student) during her summer internship at WIUU Marketing Department


BBA program was accredited by FIBAA


On July 11, 2014 the BBA program at Ukrainian –American Liberal Arts Institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine” was accredited by the Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) organization, which is strongly respected in the world business and academic circles.

This accreditation organization is recognized in Europe and cooperates with recognized accrediting agencies in Europe, Kazakhstan and Russia. Furthermore, the US Council for Higher Education Accreditation maintains an international Directory of quality assurance bodies, accreditation bodies and Ministries of Education in 175 countries, which lists FIBAA as well.

The purpose of FIBAA is to promote the quality and transparency in education and science by awarding quality certificates to educational programs and educational institutions in the areas of higher education and continued professional development.

Many well-known universities in the world have FIBAA accreditation.

The fact that WIUU received this accreditation is a signature of the very high quality of its BBA program. Practical benefits that BBA graduates can receive are numerous, including increased opportunities in employment and continued education in Europe and USA.

Congratulations to all students, teaching staff and administration on WIUU!

Master class “Principles of Marketing “

Master class “Principles of Marketing ” was conducted by Olena Volovyk – a certified instructor of Business and Management, University of Franklin (USA) on July 10, 2014 at WIUU.


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Student Council WIUU

Student Council WIUU –is a form of self-actualization of students during the school year. Our student government is a separate social activity of students who work together in their free time to develop and improve students’ life. If desired, each student has the right to become a member of Student Council and participate in the organization of various events.

Active participation in the activities of the Student Council will help you fully realize yourself in such projects and activities. Activity of Student Council aims to improve the living conditions of students at the University, the educational process, the organization of various international projects, nationwide and local character. During the year, the Student Council helps students in various everyday questions about the study, and student life. Organization of cultural events in and outside the University will not allow our students to grieve in the capital of Ukraine.

After classes, teachers and staff are always ready to meet with students to provide support and draw plans for future research, career development or just spend time together. Student Council WIUU is important community that helps students to become responsible and active members of society. Student Council helps to share ideas, interests and concerns of students with professors, deans and rector. The University is proud of its charitable activities. Students WIUU help three orphanages. In addition to its representative function, student council organizes events throughout the year, such as conferences, meetings, tours, sporting events, student outings, holidays etc.