Freshmen Picnic

The First-Year Students Have Become Our Family. WIUU Student Council organized Freshmen Picnic where the students enjoyed playing, joking, laughing and being together. It was fun and it helped us to better know each other.

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Skype Forum on Politics and Economics at WIUU

On September 21, 2015 WIUU students took part in International Skype Forum on Politics and Economics between WIUU and the US. The key speaker was Mrs. Elaine Sarao – WIUU Associate Rector on Economic Relations; Franklin Fellow at the U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC (2010-2013) as an Expert on Civil Society; Honorary Doctor in the sphere of International Relations and Public Diplomacy of WIUU. Currently Dr. Sarao represents WIUU in Washington, DC where she is a foreign-affairs analyst and strategist.

Famous economists of Ukraine – experts from National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine “Institute of Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development of NAS of Ukraine” participated in the Forum. Among them: Doctor of Economics, Professor Igor Bistryakov, Doctor of Economics, Professor Liudmila Deineko and PhD D. Klinoviy.
Head of Economic Theory Department at Dragomanov NPU – Doctor of Economics, Professor Liudmila Strashinska was also a member of the Forum.
New directions of cooperation with WIUU were discussed and outlined together with WIUU faculty.

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Business Studies at WIUU

On September 16, 2016 WIUU students had a wonderful opportunity to learn a lesson of entrepreneurship from our outstanding guest lecturer, who is also teaching at our partner University of Trier – Hon. Prof. Axel Haas. This is a part of the Course of Entrepreneurship taught by Axel Haas at WIUU on a regular basis. The Course is very productive, interesting, useful and enjoyable for our students. They asked a lot of practical questions on small business management and interviewed the successful, experienced entrepreneur and businessman Axel Haas.

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Conference on Complience at WIUU

Hundreds of students enjoyed the key speech of Hon. Prof. Gero von Pelchrzim und Trzenkowitz at the Conference on Complience, which was moderated by Hon. Dr. Moritz Hunzinger. The conference was attended by many distinguished Ukrainian and international guests, delegations, partners, friends and faculty of WIUU.
WIUU visiting lecturer Mr. Gero von Pelchrzim und Trzenkowitz was awarded a Title of WIUU Honorary Professor in Law and Compliance.
WIUU student Dima Butuzov was greatly impressed by the Conference:

“This event was marvelous! Compliance is important and necessary to every self-respecting company. It’s out there to pave the way from a legality standpoint, and to make personnel aware of all company regulations. These standards ensure personnel are adhering to the goals established by your organization, while also abiding by the laws and stipulations set forth by the local, state, and national governments.
Im a honored and grateful to receive such knowledge from acknowledged professionals!”

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A Class from a Famous Publisher Mr. Michael Ruiss

WIUU first-year students are lucky to start their academic year with a class of WIUU visiting lecturer Hon. Prof. Michael Ruiss. The students learned a lot regarding the future of commercials in various media issues, peculiarities of media market, media business management from M. Ruiss – a talented and charismatic entrepreneur, journalist and publisher from Frankfurt (Germany).

WIUU students enjoyed the class a lot:

Dima Butuzov: “Working with demographics and statistics is my passion. And this meeting was right about that subject. Finding out what is relevant, what kind of people are you working with, what are they interested in, these questions were answered in detail. And who is a better person to do so, than Mr. Michael Ruiss himself? He is a Managing Director of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main! Very intelligent and straight person. So, as you can imagine, this meeting have surpassed my expectations.
Fascinating, absolutely fascinating!”


Roxy Yarema: “I’m really excited about this meeting! Michael Ruiss is the Managing Director and publisher of TOP Magazine Frankfurt Rhein-Main, also he is actively engaged on behalf of international companies and universities. He informed us about different aspects of working in in the field of journalism. Everything he said was really impressive! Many questions were given by the auditory and interesting answers were given by Mr.Ruiss. I enjoyed his lecture and hope to see him again!
P.S.: I’m the one who got the magazine Happy about that!”


Viktoria Pogiba: “If you want to know how to be successful in publishing, you must to visit Michael Ruiss’s lecture! Michael Ruiss is a publisher of TOP Magazine Frankfurt Rhine-Main.The most positive and the cleverest person in his job! He told us about advertising, magazines, covers affect the buyers, how to write the contents of the log. Thanks to our university for making such event! We had a lot of fun and a lot of information! I hope we will have more lecture with professors from another country. It was very good experience!”

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WIUU – OVB Holding AG Partnership

Agreement on collaboration in the sphere of education, research and marketing between Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute “Winconsin International University (USA) Ukraine”, Kyiv, Ukraine and OVB Holding AG, Cologne, Germany
was signed on September 16, 2015 by WIUU Rector Oleksandr Romanovskyi and OVB Holding AG Chief Executive Officer Michael Rentmeister.

According to the Agreement WIUU students will be involved into theory and practice of Financial Services Course organized by OVB professionals. Our students will enjoy the opportunity of long term Internship in Ukraine and other European OVB branches. The best students will be recommended for long term Internship at OVB.
This type of cooperation with our OVB partner will develop our students’ multicultural knowledge, increase the interest to economics and politics of the partner-country and enrich the understanding of culture of the two countries concerned within Europe.



Memorandum of understanding

Memorandum of understanding between Concordia University Wisconsin (Mequon, Wisconsin, USA) and Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine”(Kyiv, Ukraine)

Rev. Dr.  Patrick Ferry, President of Concordia University Wisconsin (12800 North Lake Shore Drive, Mequon, WI  53097, U.S.A.) and Prof. Dr. Oleksandr O. Romanovskyi, Rector of Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine” (8/14 Turgenevs’ka Street, office 1-4 Kyiv,01601 Ukraine) on September 13, 2015 at 19.30 in hotel Dnipro (Kiev, Ukraine) signed the “MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING between CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY WISCONSIN (MEQUON, WISCONSIN, U.S.A.) and UKRAINIAN-AMERICAN LIBERAL ARTS INSTITUTE “WISCONSIN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY (USA) UKRAINE”(KYIV, UKRAINE)”


The meeting at Kyiv Municipal Administration

The meeting was held in Kyiv municipal administration. The delegation was welcomed by acting director and chief KMA Starostenko G.V. During the meeting were discussed European perspective of Ukraine, as well as questions of following co-working of Ukrainian and American universities for further preparation of the specialists for Ukraine and Kyiv, establishing of business and cultural cooperation between two countries, of American cities and Kyiv, formation of the international image of Kyiv and Independent Ukraine.

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The delegation of Concordia University at National M.P Dragomanov Pedagogical University

WIUU welcomed the delegation supreme leaders from Concordia University  Wisconsin (USA) consisting of President of the University of Concordia Wisconsin  (USA) Dr. Patrick Ferry from September 9 till 14, 2015, as well as active international educational director Dr. David Birner, first vice president of academic work Dr. William Cairo and regent member Mr. Allen Prochnow. The delegation of Concordia University met with the top executives of National M.P Dragomanov Pedagogical University. During the meeting the development of scientific, educational and cultural co-working between two universities was discussed. Rector of NPU of M.P Dragomanov , Academician V.P Andrushchenko was on the meeting.

For the sake of future co-working, Rector of NPU V.P Andrushchenko invited Americans in the big Dragomanov’s family and presented them the medal of “Dragomanivska roduna” .

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The delegation of the Concordia University Wisconsin met with the WIUU students

The delegation of the Concordia University Wisconsin met with the students of WIUU for the purpose of Entrepreneurship practical course. The following questions were discussed: different aspects of leadership, managing of education, features of organization’s educational system in the US, Concordia University in particular, development of MBA programs in the University, practical experience in business and management, etc.

Concordia University Wisconsin (USA) consists of President of the University Dr. Patrick Ferry and deputy director of international education Dr. David Birner, first vice president from academic work Dr. William Cairo, member of regent association Mr. Terry Donavan and deputy director of administrative work Mr. Allen Prochnow were answered the multitude questions of the students.

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