Ukrainian diplomat is meeting WIUU partner

Mr. Olexander Motsyk – the famous Ukrainian diplomat is meeting WIUU partner and colleague from Germany Hon. Dr., Prof. Moritz Hunzinger in Kiev.

WIUU students on the celebration of International Week at Concordia University

On 14-22 November 2015 Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine delegation took part in the celebration of International Week which traditionally takes place at Concordia University (Wisconsin, the USA) at that time. In September 2015 honorable representatives of Concordia University Wisconsin (USA) led by President Dr. Patrick Ferry paid an official visit to WIUU. During their stay in Kyiv three best students were selected to represent their university and the country on the celebration of International Week in the USA. They were Yuliya Morozova, Yulia Sobkova and Diala Sallam – students of bachelor program “Management” and international program «Bachelor of Business administration». The group was accompanied by Director of the International Department of WIUU Mrs. Olga Glazova.

During their stay in the USA WIUU representatives visited two campuses of Concordia University – in Wisconsin and Michigan, met American students and instructors, had a unique opportunity to discuss the culture, investigations, education and life in Ukraine in general.  All the expenses related to the visit of Ukrainian delegation were covered by the host.

Within the framework of the visit WIUU representatives not only made an impression about the American system of university studies but worthily represented their own university and our country on the international level. This is an important step to establish business and cultural cooperation between Ukraine and the United States after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine and Concordia University Wisconsin (USA) in September 2015.

Yuliya Morozova commented their visit the following way: “We got a chance to see the real American university life from the inside. By visiting two campuses, Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW) and Concordia University Ann Arbor (CUAA), we realized how different and unique establishments can be united by one idea and spirit. It is truly a lifetime experience and it is very inspirational. I am sure that we will continue developing our relationship and soon we will host American students in Ukraine.”

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Students International Exchange

WIUU 4th-year student of the International Bachelor Program of Business Administration, accredited by FIBAA, and Ukrainian Program in Management Ms. Natalia Umantseva is now an exchange student at our partner University of Trier (Germany).

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On November 18, 2015    GERMAN-UKRAINIAN SOCIETY OF ECONOMICS AND RESEARCH headed by the General Consule of Ukraine to Germany Hon. Dr., Prof. HansJuergen Doss celebrated its  10th  ANNIVERSARY. The Society has been providing organization of Business Forums, soccessful Exchange Programs between a number of German and Ukrainian Universities as well as medical treatment in the German Clinic for a Ukrainian kid Anastasia Kapelushna whose health was in the critical state and Ukrainian soldier Victor Zhukov who had lost both of his legs.


The Mayor  of Mainz Mr.Michael Ebling opened the ceremony.

General Consul of Ukraine in Frankfurt Mrs. Alla Poleva took part in the reception and spoke on the most important achievements of the German-Ukrainian Society.

The Ukrainian delegation consisting of Rector of WIUU Oleksandr Romanovskii, Rector of National University of Technology and Design Ivan Hryshchenko and Director of the Institute of Foreign Laanguages of Dragomanov NPU took part in the celebrations and visited the partner Universities to continue development of cooperation.


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Autor’s school of Michael Rentmeister has started at WIUU

On 3 of November 2015  Author’s school of Rentmeister Michael has started. He is the executive director of OVB Holding AG –  In the author’s school third-year students attend the course of “Financial services”. First Session is held by Director of “OVB Alfinans Ukraine” Dmitry Malik , along with his coworkers – .
Our students will be able to have a short-term training in Ukraine and other European branches of OVB. The best students will be recommended for long-term internship in OVB. This new type of cooperation between the university and the company will contribute to the accumulation of multicultural knowledge of our students and will increase interest in the economics and politics of other countries as well as enrich the understanding of the culture of the two countries in Europe.

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A great friend of WIUU Hon. Dr., Prof. Moritz Hunzinger met the Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Dr. Andrij Melnyk on November 4, 2015

During this meeting questions of WIUU development were discussed.

Mr. Hunzinger have been cooperating with Ukranian Universities for a long time helping them to establish and develop partnership with German and other European Universities as well as to introduce Ukrainian higher education to European accreditation standards.