Master-Class for Students of Kiev School

On December 16, 2015 high-school students from our partner Kiev school #58 visited WIUU and took part in a Master-Class English Composition delivered by WIUU instructer Ms. Svetlana Marchenko who is certified as an expert in Independant Evaluation Testing.

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Master-Class from Hon. Dr. Michael Ruiss

During the visit to WIUU on December 19, 2015, Michael Ruiss, WIUU Honorary Professor in Journalism, had a meeting with WIUU students and made a presentation on entrepreneurship in publishing business.

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Chistmas and New Year Season Began

On December 19,2015 WIUU students held a Performance dedicated to the holiday of Saint Nickolai. All of us enjoyed wonderful songs, music, poems performed by our talented students on a really professional basis. Our guests admitted that these were professional pieces of art deserving the best stages of the world. There were many jokes, contests and much fun. Many thanks to WIUU friends Hon. Dr. Michael Ruiss and Ms. Stanislava Malahovska for being a part of this wonderful night.

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