Ambassador of India in Ukraine Mr. Manoj K.Bharti visited WIUU

Ambassador of India in Ukraine  Mr. Manoj Kumar Bharti visited WIUU  and gave a lecture to our students. Mr. Manoj Kumar Bharti was talking about Indian economy, culture and history , there were so many facts and secrets revealed that we never new before .

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Prof. Michael Ruiss

Today students have attended a master class  «The Power of Photography» by Prof. Michael Ruiss (Germany) – Publisher and CEO of TOP Magazin Frankfurt Rhein-Main, Honorary Doctor of Philosophy of the Lesya Ukrayinka Eastern European National University (Volyn); Honorary Professor in Journalism of WIUU.

M.Ruiss shared experience of his business, showed examples of picture quality requirements posed by the photographers of glossy magazines. Students discussed the choice of subjects to promote different media photo projects.

Face-to-face communication and unsurpassed charisma of a leader of the German media market left a good impression on students and enriched their knowledge and practical skills of future managers.

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Mariam Machavariani

We had lecture about power of photography, held by M. Ruiss. This leacture was very interesting and different from other lectures. We saw a lot of famous photos and we learned more about photographers. Mr. Michael Ruiss was talking about four common types of portraints which are: Environmental,Candid,Formal and Self-Portraits. He also told us how to take impressive photos and he gave us some tips for it. Did you know that there are 10 tips for taking ipressive photo? Well I didi not but after this lecture I will consider thistips before taking photo. Thank you WIUU for this lecture.

Dima Butuzov

It was a great lecture! Getting a good photo may even have it’s own science, if there isnt one already. It may be the most unspecific and the most subjective one out there, but it sure deserves its place. Many photos have made more impact on a world we know it, than thousands of poems, symponies and paintings. And it not only requires a good camera, decent flash and years in photoshop, no, there is much more to it. That’s what i’ve found out during this lecture, i am extremely grateful to Mr. Ruiss for this opportunity.

Ksenia Odrinskaya

If you are interested in such field of business as magazines and newspapers, you probably would get great pleasure from listening to this lecture. Michael Ruiss held a very interesting lecture, which is associated with the correct photography and images. He pointed to a variety of mistakes, that may happen in the selection and production process of photos, gave a large number of examples of such mistakes and how to make it right. It was very interesting to hear this information for the overall development and for personal use in everyday life basis.

Viktoriia Medisson

This lecture with Mr. Michael Ruiss was very interesting and impressive. I enjoyed listening to him and taking in the account the information he was talking about. I didn’t know that there are 10 tips for taking good photos as well as the names of acselent photographers, but now I do know it and can share this knowledge with my friends.

Gero von Pelchrzim und Trzenkowitz

Gero von Pelchrzim und Trzenkowitz – famous German lawyer, Master of Law, honorary professor of law and compliance in WIUU. Today he has met the students of our university within a framework of the practical course “Entrepreneurship”. In his lecture Gero von Pelchrzim drew attention to the need for knowledge of the international legal rights of future managers of international companies. The students met the requirements that are put in front of middle and senior leadership of the international companies in the field of law.

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Mariam Machavariani

We had lecture about “Entrepreneurship” with German lawyer Mr. Gero Von Pelchrzim. It was really usefull lecture and interesting one. He was asking us some questions and by answering them we undersood better. This lecture gave us a lot of information ad we are thankfull for it. Gero Von Pelchrzim told us about corruption and how to deal with it, he also gae us a lot of interesting examples. Thank you for his lcture I hope that we will be able to see him again and lear even more.

Viktoriia Medisson

Lecture with Mr. Gero von Pelchrzim was very interesting and gave us a lot of knowledge and understanding of how the problems of different countries or societies can be solved, if the case of those problems are corruption law-abiding. Thanks WIUU and Mr. Gevo von Pelchrzim for this lecture!

Ksenia Odrinskaya

This lecture was very interesting, informative and practical. It seems to me that such lectures should be held more frequently in our universities, because the questions that Mr. Gero von Pelchrzim have raised are the main issues and problems of our country. Understanding the law and avoiding corruption – are the questions that our country trying to solve for us now and such problems must be held as soon as possible. Because, these problems interfere with our country and society to develop fully, freely to build a business and to prosper.

Dima Butuzov

Unfortunately, nowadays money have all of the control over a human being. You could argue about a few things, but in general they do. Because of it, many businessmen seem to have only one goal in live, to profit, out of everything, out of everywhere. It leads to a corrup system that the entire world currently battles. To succesfuly defeat it, people should not only change their mindsets and priorities, but to obey certain well-established rules. Mr. Pelchrzim have told us what are these rules and how to obey them as well. Thank you Mr. Pelchrzim for bringing a topic of this importance.

Business English Competition – 2016

Business English Competition has been held. As usually, there was a large audience of senior pupils from all over Ukraine. This year we also invited the pupils of 9th form.

At the opening of the Competition the participants were welcomed by the jury: Nyzhnyk Tatiana – chairman of the commission of the Competition, Nutter Anna – Fulbright professor, Ksiondzyk Katerina – business trainer of Kyiv branch of “OVB Allfinanz Ukraine” and Elsman Nard – CEO of Elsman Group BV and Diamond FMS.

The opening program of Business English Competition-2016 was held by Anna Levchenko and Andrey Alexeev – students of joint program “International Business” and BBA.

Senior pupils took tests and made presentations of foreign and local companies.

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Professor M. Hunzinger about communication processes in the society

Practical course “Entrepreneurship” continues. Today, students attended a lecture “Peculiarities of communication processes in society” by Moritz Hunzinger (Germany) – Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Brocard Group (in charge of retail in Ukraine), PR Consultant, Professor of PR and Communications; Honorary Doctor of Philosophy of the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Honorary Senator of the Ukrainian Free University, Honorary Doctor of Philosophy and Honorary Professor of PR and Communications of WIUU.

In his speech the lecturer revealed the essence of the factors that form the image of the person and facilitate communication. M.Hunzinger also drew attention to the importance of information in the operating environment and many other issues of public communication.

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Author School of Dr. Axel Haas

Axel Haas – Managing Director of Arend Process Automation GmbH, Lecturer at the Department of Management at the Trier University (Germany), Honorary Doctor of Philosophy of the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, Honorary Doctor in International Business and Honorary Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship of WIUU continued his course of lectures “Small business and small business management.”

At the next lecture-seminar on practical course “Entrepreneurship” Dr. A.Haas noted and discussed with students the following questions: the company’s structure and resources; the main factors affecting the construction of value added goods; types of partnership.

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