Travelbird Scholarship Programme

The winner of this scholarship will receive a monetary award of €3,000 to go towards their studies or work placement. They will also qualify for an internship position for 3 to 6 months at the Travelbird Headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This internship will give the student an opportunity to work for an international startup and gain useful and relevant work experience within the industry.

This is open to all current students, 18 years old or over.

The Travelbird Scholarship welcomes all nationalities but only entries in the following languages will be accepted: English, German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Norwegian.

Application deadline is May 31st 2016 23:59 (CET)

More information about the scholarship and how to apply can be found here in English

WIUU was visited by Dr. Marwa Mahmoud, Consul of the Arab Republic of Egypt

On May 30, 2016 WIUU was visited by Dr. Marwa Mahmoud, Consul of the Arab Republic of Egypt. During the meeting with Dr. Marwa Mahmoud WIUU Administration discussed plans for future co-operation regarding interesting educational and social projects.

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A friendly mini-football

A friendly mini-football meeting between the courses of the institute has been held recently. The team of the first year won!

We sincerely congratulate Igor Abrashyn, Maxim Marchenko, Alexander Samkov, Samuel Schuster with a victory!

The winners were awarded with a Diploma of WIUU!

Special thanks to the representative of the “Active-creative group” Maxim Glazov for the organization and realization of this sport competition!

We are looking forward to new victories!

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Tournament on Russian billiards

Our students held a! The organizer of the tournament was Nazar Dmitrovsky – third year student of the joint program! We are grateful for Nazar’s initiative!

The winner of the tournament was Theodor Plesha – a student of the second year of the joint program!

The game of billiards probably originated in France in the XV century. For the first time billiards in written was mentioned in connection with the French King Louis XI, who in 1470 ordered a billiard table for himself. The word “billiards” comes from the French word “bille”, which means “ball”.

First the game was held outdoors, but then to play in any weather the game was moved to a room – and people began to play on the table. Since then traditional green cloth of billiard table has stayed as a reminder of green grass on which the game had taken place before.

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Philipp Schmidt – CEO of “Konzeptberlin” met with high school pupils

Today pupils of secondary school №135 in Kyiv have discussed the use of Social Media in everyday life on the master class held by a visiting lecturer of the Institute Philipp Schmidt – CEO of “Konzeptberlin”, Consultant for Public Relations (Germany).

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Lecture “Photo modeling as a marketspeak” by Hendrik Doss

Within the practical course “Entrepreneurship” students attended a lecture “Photo modeling  as a marketspeak” by Hendrik Doss – Board Member of the German-Ukrainian Association for Economy and Science, Honored Doctor and Professor of Kiev National University of Technology and Design and WIUU.

Students got acquainted with the modeling features of photo and video in advertising. In today’s world photo modeling is of great importance for the exchange of information between people and companies. And therefore it is important to know how to present the product to make it find its client. The lecturer explained how to create an attractive photo and video, how to use them to form a new view on the point and many other issues in photo modeling.

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Guest lecturer of the Institute- Philipp Schmidt

Practical course “Entrepreneurship” for WIUU students gave an opportunity to get acquainted with the lecture “Promoting business in Social Media” by a guest lecturer of the Institute Philipp Schmidt – CEO of “Konzeptberlin”, Consultant for Public Relations (Germany).

The lecturer gave a description of the top social channels, their types and working principles. Students got acquainted with Social Media features such as flexibility, interactivity, accessibility, mobility, communicativeness.

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Winners of competition – 2016!

Winners of Business English Competition – 2016 are determined!

We sincerely congratulate our winners!

Elizabeth Yevtushenko – 11th form pupil from Kyiv school 47, who took the First place and can study at our institute for free!

Second place – Marina Peresadchenko – 11th form pupil of school № 2 in Znamenka, Kirovograd region and Yuriy Berezhnuy – 11th form pupil of “Consul” gymnasium № 86 will have 75% discount for education.

Third place – Arthur Stryhun – 11th form pupil of Kyiv school № 112, who will have 50% discount for education. Also good results (third place) were shown by 10th form pupils of “Consul” gymnasium № 86 Victor Kalinichenko and Nikita Grischuk. They will have the opportunity to study at the institute on training courses in Business English in 2016-2017 with 50% discount.

Traditional Business English Competition took place in the institute. As always it is a large audience of elder pupils from different parts of Ukraine.

During the Competition the participants took written or computer test.

The second stage of competition was the oral presentation of any real or imaginary company in Ukraine or abroad.


IMG_1150 - Євтушенко    Калініченко і Грищук