Memorandum of cooperation

On the 8th June, 2016 “Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine” signed a memorandum of cooperation with the State institution “Ukrainian clinical medical-rehabilitation cardiac center of Ministry of Health of Ukraine.”

The parties concluded this Memorandum based on the fact that there is a need to inform pupils, students, scholars and the general public about the activities of each of the parties and other events that will be conducted independently or under the auspices of two sides.


State certification has begun for graduates of Bachelor programs

“Management” and “International Business”. The first test is a comprehensive state exam on the specialty.

Committee: Rumyantsev A.P. – Professor, Doctor of Economics – Head of Committee; Grebelnyk O.P. – Professor, Doctor of Economics, Provost for Academic Affairs of WIUU – Deputy Head of Committee; Mirzodaeva T.V. – Associate Professor, PhD in Economics, Dean of WIUU; Gavrylyaka G.V. – Associate Professor, PhD in Economics; Serova L.V. – Associate Professor, PhD in Economics; Protsun N.M. – Associate Professor, PhD in Economics; gladly congratulated students with successful passing the exam. Ahead yet is a Business English exam.

Good luck, graduates!

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WIUU Administration Meeting With Mr. Dietmar Studemann in Kiev

On June 1, 2016 WIUU Administration had a friendly meeting with a great friend of WIUU and of Ukraine – His Excellency Dietmar Stüdemann (Germany) – Lawyer and Economist, Ex-Ambassador of Germany to Ukraine, Honorary Doctor in International Relations and Diplomacy of WIUU.

Mr. D. Studemann was awarded with the Order of Association of Private Universities of Ukraine for his great contribution into education of the younger generation of Ukraine.

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The Councillor for Culture and Education of the Peoples’ Republic of China Embassy Mr. Van Tszynho visited WIUU

The Councillor for Culture and Education of the Peoples’ Republic of China Embassy Mr. Van Tszynho visited WIUU on June 1, 2016. During the meeting with WIUU faculty and administration  plans for cooperation with Chinese Universities including students and faculty exchange were discussed.

WIUU has great experience as to cooperation with Chinese partners: together with the Academy of Social Sciences of PRC, WIUU has trained more than 500 MBA graduates. Among Bachelor graduates there have been a lot of Chinese students too.

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