Atlantic Council Event in Washington DC, Tuesday, February 21 at 4:00 p.m.

Dr. David Birner, Chief of Concordia University Wisconsin International Department, WIUU Associate Rector Dr. Elaine Sarao, Mr. Ambassador, WIUU Honorary Doctor John Herbst in Washington, DC at the Atlantic Council Event  “Connecting Ukraine’s Past and Present: From Holodomor to the War in the Donbas”.


Do you find it hard to read poems in a foreign language?

Of course, we are waiting for the World Poetry Day (21st of March).

But WIUU’s Poetry Day was really good! Our International Students try to read poems in new (for them) languages.

It is a time to appreciate and support poets and poetry around the world!


Our students are the best!

Our certificates, finally! Present for St.Valentine’s day from our uni. Another one achievement and quite unique experience . That awkward moment when you’re trying to use words you didn’t know before 😂
Tnx to Wisconsin international and The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for this opportunity 


Our instructors – our honor!

Associate professor   Mrs. Lesya Ishchuk with her students. Her Business English course for WIUU students is  as necessary to them as the air they breathe. They learn to present themselves, train business terminology and become  great experts! And today she is proud of her students!


Congratulations to our Master’s graduates!

Congratulations to our Master’s degree students on successful completion of MBA program.

The Head of Commission – Professor, PhD Rumyantsev A.P. and WIUU’s  Deputy Rector Professor, PhD Hrebelnyk A.P.are proud of their students and wish them a successful career.