Ukraine – Nigeria Business Forum

Ukraine – Nigeria Business Forum will take place at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry on May 23-24, 2017.

The goal of the Forum is the development of Ukrainian business ties with Nigerian businessmen.

The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-governmental, non-profit, self-governing organization which unites legal persons and citizens of Ukraine, registered as entrepreneurs, and also their associations, on a voluntaty basis. We are an organization which successfully unites traditions and innovations in its activity.


The management of the WIUU reports on the termination of membership in ACBSP for technical and financial and economic reasons.
We are grateful to the world-famous organization ACBSP for help in the difficult time for our institute and the whole country, patience and goodwill!
We wish ACBSP further prosperity and expansion of the list of its members and accredited programs.
Sincere thanks to the management and all the staff of ACBSP for supporting our institute and understanding the current situation.
WIUU Rector’s Office

WIUU Bachelor Cooperative Degrees with State University of Minnesota Crookston

This year we start offering WIUU Bachelor Cooperative Degrees with our partner – State University of Minnesota Crookston (USA)

Bachelor WIUU –

1) Management + BBA;

2) International Business + BBA;

3) International Economic Relations + BBA.

University of Minnesota Crookston –

1) Bachelor of Manufacturing Management;

2) Bachelor of Science International Business; 

3) Bachelor of Science Management.

Other Majors and Minors are available on demand.

30 subjects (3 years) at WIUU + State Exams to be eligible for Ukrainian State Diploma.

10 subjects minimum, including 5 subjects during the last semester of the Program at U of M Crookston (online/onsite) or a combination of both.


1.      U of M Crookston 

2.      WIUU International BBA accredited by FIBAA

3.      WIUU Ukrainian State.

WIUU fees according to regular tuition fees per semesters plus administrative fee.

U of M Crookston Fees:     

For students interested in studying on campus:

Tuition                             US   $10,180

Fees                                         $1,920

Room and board                      $7,658

Other estimated costs              $3,200 

(Books $1,200, Personal spending $2,000)

Insurance; mandatory purchase $2,000

Total cost                         US    $ 24,958 

at UMC (fall and spring) – 

10 courses onsite – US    $24,958 

Or 10 courses online – US    $11,351.00

Textbooks per semester online/onsite – textbook costs vary per semester, per discipline. 

U of M Crookston 

Applications Deadlines (online/onsite) –

• Summer Online deadline: Friday, May 26th

• Fall On Campus deadline: Friday, July 21st

• Fall Online deadline: Friday, August 12th

(costs stated are fiscal 2016-2017, tuition is subject to change)

WIUU Cooperative Degree with the State University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany)

Cooperative Degree:


International Management + MBA.

State University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany) – 

Master of Science in Information Management (Major in Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation Management).


1) Uni KO-LD 

2) WIUU International MBA accredited by FIBAA 

3) WIUU Ukrainian State. 

Master of Science in Information Management

Major in Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation Management

University of Koblenz-Landau & WIUU 

The concept of the Cooperative Master Degree

A cooperative master degree offers students the chance to study in an international environment, gain knowledge and skills from both partner universities, based on a common concept of complementary curricula. Especially, in the end of this study program qualified students will possibly achieve up to two  (three) Master Degrees: one (two) issued by WIUU, and one issued by the University of Koblenz-Landau in Germany, in case of successful completion.

The students will, for example study the first phase at WIUU, then they will take part in online modules as part of the general blended learning concept for the major of ETI-M, provided via distance learning from the University of Koblenz-Landau in the second phase. The students are guided by their professors and tutors via an online platform, and they can get in touch with both during online consultation times, as well as with other students. It might also be the case that the online lectures will be accompanied by presence lectures at their home universities. In the end of this program, students have to write their master thesis, which will normally be supervised by two professors: one from their home university, and one from the University of Koblenz-Landau.

Summary of advantages:

• Achievement of potentially two (three) Master Degrees: one (two) issued by WIUU, and one issued by the University of Koblenz- Landau in Germany

• Studying in an international environment and diving into the excellence of entrepreneurship, technology and innovation management competences and skills

• Working with highly qualified professors who are involved in international collaborative research projects and participate in governmental advisory groups

• No travelling costs and no visa necessary

• Moderate administration costs – German universities are mostly state-funded, therefore no tuition fees in addition to the basic charges are invoiced.

At WIUU – 50-70% of the courses, Research Work and Presentation + A State Exam and Master Thesis Defense to be eligible for Ukrainian State Diploma.

At Uni KO-LD – 

50-30% of the courses.

Master Thesis and Colloquium are carried out jointly by Uni KO-LD and WIUU.


at WIUU – according to WIUU fees per semester (three semesters), State Exam and administration fee.

at Uni KO-LD – 

Financial and other Arrangements

For the ETI-M program at the Uni KO-LD neither travel nor accommodation or visa expenses apply. However, students need to comply with the following rules:

• Students have to officially register at the Uni KO-LD in order to attend the studies as described above. Therefore, due to German state legislation (§ 5 Abs. 1 Nr. 6 SGB V), all students taking part in the cooperative master degree program must obtain German health insurance for the entire period of their studies (35€ per month, which makes 420€ per year).

• No tuition fees will be charged for the whole master program nevertheless, students must pay applicable administration (approximately 900 Euros).

• Students will take a field trip to Germany in order to study and gain deeper insights into the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Koblenz. All expenses for travel and accommodation must be covered by students. The Uni KO-LD will provide students with an admission or an invitation letter. If – with special reasons – students cannot come to Germany though it is in general compulsive, alternatively they will have to take an internship at a (multinational) company in  Ukraine.

* The Uni KO-LD can arrange for this field trip within a format of a one week trip (4-5 working days) if the number of participating students is sufficiently high (>= 10 at least).