Our students continue to study the “American Studies” course.

Professor Axel Haas (Germany) is management partner at Arend Process Automation GmbH, a lecturer at the Department of Management of the University of Trier (Germany), Honorary Doctor of Philosophy at the National Pedagogical University named after M.P. Dragomanov, Honorary Doctor of International Business and Honorary Professor of marketing and entrepreneurship at WIUU.

The topic of the lecture was “Minor Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management”.

Professor Haas along with the students discussed the following issues: general approaches to venture financing: main sources, periodization, positive and negative features, examples; ways of interaction between investors and entrepreneurs, opportunities for both sides; characteristics and the role of crowdfunding in society.

Practical course “American studies ” for students of WIUU continues with our guest professors from Germany.

The theme «Essentials of Modern Diplomacy» (General principles of formation of modern diplomacy) was discussed in class with Moritz Hunzinger Chairman of the Supervisory Board Brocard Group (responsible for the retail trade in Ukraine), PR-consultant, Professor of PR and communications; Honorary PhD of the National Pedagogical University named after Dragomanov, Honorary Senator at the Ukrainian Free University (Munich, Germany), Honorary Ph.D and Professor of PR and communications at WIUU.

Lecture materials were prepared by Professor Moritz and Professor Stephan Welk – Honorary Doctor of International Law and Diplomacy at WIUU.

Students, along with M. Huntinger, discussed the following issues: problems of formation of modern diplomacy: academic approaches and inconsistency with existing practices; the division of functional responsibilities between public and private structures in the formation of diplomatic relations; the current state and ways of improving diplomacy; German approaches to building a diplomatic society; normative legal acts that ensure functioning of diplomacy at the national and international levels.

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System of education

System of Education Diagram
Ukrainian educational system is under reformation. When the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” No. 1556-VII dated July 01, 2014 was adopted, the changes of higher education structure took place. Education and qualification levels of Junior Specialist and Specialist are supposed to be gradually removed from the structure; it also relates to the Candidate of Science (Kandydat Nauk) research degree.According to the admission requirements of higher educational institutions (HEIs) in 2017 (Decree of Ministry of Science and Education No. 1236 dated October 13, 2016), the HEIs of Ukraine are enabled to carry out admission for Junior Specialist program. The admission for this program is extended till 2019. The last admission for Specialist training program was conducted in 2016. The Candidate of Science study is being continued within designated term, in case it had begun till the adoption of the above-mentioned law. Consequently, education and qualification levels of Junior Specialist, Specialist along with Candidate of Science degree are reserved, at the moment, in the higher education structure, and may be considered as levels/degrees of transitional period.

Due to Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” there exists such correlation between previous and actual educational degrees in Ukraine as:

  • Junior Specialist diploma equals to Junior Bachelor diploma;
  • Specialist diploma equals to Master diploma;
  • Candidate of Science diploma equals to PhD diploma.

It is expected that there will be changes regarding laws on secondary and vocational education.

Regulatory acts, which provide information about the system of education.

Law “On Higher Education”

Law “On Education”

Law “On Pre-School Education”

Law “On General Secondary Education”

Law “On Vocational Education”

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List of Ukrainian HEIs

American Studies Program

On October 17 WIUU students attended a class of the course “American Studies”. UMC Chancellor Dr. Mary Holz-Clause and Michelle Christophson, student recruitment director of the University of Minnesota Crookston, introduced the United States University Education System, in particular, the organization of the educational process at the University of Minnesota Crookston (USA) and student life. She talked about the specialties offered at the University, about student organizations, study and leisure facilities for students.

Participation in the Ukrainian-Maltese Business Forum, The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

On Tuesday 17 October our students took part in the Ukrainian-Maltese Business Forum.

The event was held in the presence of both heads of states – the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and the President of the Republic of Malta Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca.

Articulation Agreement with the University of Minnesota Crookston

WIUU has signed the Articulation Agreement with the University of Minnesota, and now our students have the opportunity to transfer the courses from the WIUU and, on condition of successful studying for at least two semesters at our American partner (in the USA or online), to receive an American diploma.
UMC Chancellor Dr. Mary Holz-Clause, WIUU Vice-Rector Yulia Romanovska and the first student of the Cooperative Program Ms. Lena Faddi.


Collaboration with the University of Minnesota Crookston

A delegation from the University of Minnesota Crookston (USA), consisting of Chancellor Dr. Mary Holz-Clause and student recruitment director Michelle Christopherson, came to WIUU with a working visit.
The main task of the visit is signing of the articulation agreement on cooperation between the two universities within cooperative degree programs. Now our students have an opportunity to get an American diploma of the regionally accredited American University.

Career & Internship

WIUU Academic Administration at Round table “Directions of Cooperation of L’Oreal Ukraine with Universities”.
We greatly appreciate long-term cooperation with L’Oreal Ukraine and its General Director – WIUU Professor Mark Savchuk.

Meeting the Administration of WIUU American Partner – University of Minnesota Crookston

WIUU students, their friends, parents and alumni had an opportunity to find out that to obtain American Diploma of the accredited American University in Ukraine is a reality! On October 17 meeting the Chancellor of the University of Minnesota Crookston – Dr. Mary Holz-Clause and Admissions Director Mrs. Michelle Christopherson those present learnt a lot about the opportunities of studying at our partner university according to the Articulation Agreement signed leading WIUU students to the American Degree.