Our international students, Martha and Faith, wishing you all the best that life can bring, Merry Christmas to you and a year full of blessings!


#Merry_ChristmasOur international students, Martha and Faith, wishing you all the best that life can bring, Merry Christmas to you and a year full of blessings!

Опубліковано Ukrainian-American Concordia University – WIUU 26 грудня 2017 р.

Panasyuk Sergiy – PhD in law, Professor of Liberal Arts Department, ConcordiaUA

Concordia, although I have not got accustomed to this name yet, impresses with it being, unlike many large-scale educational institutions, a small oasis of the USA in Ukraine. Starting at the assessment/evaluation system, Concordia is a no ordinary higher educational establishment. I don’t know how, but this University manages to gather considerably good students eager to acquire knowledge, to say nothing of both students’ and teachers’ competences in languages. I feel comfortable lecturing here and I am pleased to be part of this team. The best is ahead!!!

Interviews during the Opening Ceremony of the Dual Diploma Program of Ukrainian-American Concordia University with the University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany) on November 29, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy New 2018!


Опубліковано Ukrainian-American Concordia University – WIUU 22 грудня 2017 р.

What do our students say about University?

It was a pleasure to learn from amazing international and Ukrainian professors who managed to provide us with a solid theoretical framework and opportunity to practice everything in a real-life environment.

WIUU\Concordia helped me a lot in developing strong communication and managing skills that allowed me to succeed in a performance of challenging tasks and effective problem-solving.     been working in Sales, Online Marketing and Publishing industries for a while covering such tasks as: Sales Development, Prospecting, Client Communication, Data Analysis and Management, Team and Project Management.

WIUU\Concordia is the high-quality institution with some great networking opportunities.

What do our students say about ConcordiaUA?

Interested at studying at the Ukrainian-American Concordia University?

Here you’ll meet our Bachelor’s degree student  Erick Lema and find out what he says about studying with us.

On November 5, Ukrainian-American Concordia University presented a new Master Dual Program with or partner – University of Occupational Safety Management (UOSM) in Katowice (Poland)

UACU students pursuing Master’s degrees in Business Administration or International Management have an opportunity to participate in the joint programs: Project Management or Psychology in International Business from UOSM. The dual diploma program starts in 2018.
The presentation, hosted by UACU, was attended by our partner university officials, Dr. Jacek Skorus, PhD, Dean of the Faculty of Humanities, and Kateryna Lukianova, Office of International Cooperation. UACU was represented by Liubov I. Kondratenko, Cand. of Sci. in Pedagogy, Provost; Liubov V. Zharova, Dr. of Sci. in Economics, Head of the International Management and International Business Department, senior scientist; Oleksandra O. Romanovska, Cand. of Sci. in Pedagogy, Head of the Liberal Arts Department.
The speakers for our partner university presented its didactic infrastructure and emphasized the significant importance attached to the internationalization of studies at UOSM, i.e. cooperation with universities and research centers in Europe and involvement with international programs. Special attention was paid to the opportunities, perspectives and benefits UACU students receive through the joint dual diploma programs.
Finally, the participants discussed the specific issues of the current programs and outlined the directions for the future cooperation.

Ukrainian-American Concordia University in ENIC-NARIC UKRAINE

Concordia University (Wisconsin / Ann Arbor) from the USA is a Co-Founder of Ukrainian-American Concordia University (WIUU)

In our twenty-first year, our longtime partner Concordia University (Wisconsin / Ann Arbor) https://www.cuw.edu

https://www.cuaa.edu became the official co-founder of our University. For us, it is a great honor that our co-founder has agreed to use the word-symbol Concordia in our new name! The meaning of the word Concordia – consensus, agreement, peace – is gaining more importance and weight in the historical development of the world, countries, society and individual. We are sure that our University, which is now called the Ukrainian-American Concordia University, will continue to provide high-quality business education in accordance with the best international standards.