Dual Diplomas with the USA

Yesterday, our two students, who became the first in our Double Degree Bachelor Program with the University of Minnesota, successfully completed their studies in the United States and received long-awaited diplomas. This is Anastasia Kravchenko and Bogdan Shkil.

Three years of study at the Ukrainian-American Concordia University, and one year at the University of Minnesota. Academic credits transfer from our university to Minnesota was very successful. The students easily joined studying in America, as the language of instruction, system, and business orientation of the education content were very similar to ours. And the students received diplomas much quicker than their classmates in Kiev: here there is still a month of study, state exams…

Very happy for our graduates!

The establishing of the dual diploma program was preceded by work on a cooperation agreement, a meeting of our administration with the Dean of the University of Minnesota Business School, visits of the American administration to our university, development of a detailed articulation agreement on a joint baccalaureate program, syllabi, assessment systems, credits, transcripts; and much more: emotions, worries of our students, their parents, faculty, staff and administrations of both universities.

I would like to personally thank Chancellor of the University of Minnesota Crookston Dr. Mary Holz-Clause, Dean of the Business School Dr. Kevin Thompson, Director of Admissions (at the time of our students’ transfer) Mrs. Michelle Christopherson, Director of International Department Ms. Kimberly Gillette. Thanks to your enthusiasm, your extraordinary efforts aimed at developing international cooperation, this program is taking place. Thank you to the staff and faculty of Ukrainian-American Concordia University and the University of Minnesota Crookston! Hoping for much success in future cooperation!