Happy to Be with Our Alumni

Happy to Be with Our Alumni 

Today, September 2, my mission is not only to get my children to school, but also to accompany freshmen to their adulthood, called the Ukrainian-American Concordia University.

I didn’t expect it from myself, but my speech was so attractive for the parents of freshmen that some of them wanted to study here themselves.

It is so important when you share sincerely your experienced feelings, not just after having read the booklet/article written by an expert or someone’s else impression.

For a moment, I felt that everyone in the hall was my guest, and thanked me for the delicious dinner, but I immediately realized that I don’t cook, so – “thank you” –  was from students and their parents for my speech, for my emotion that inspired myself too. I certainly also spoke about the Blagomai Charity Foundation.

#thank you 🙏 beloved Concordia: for London, for the Bundestag, for student conferences in Europe, for google & facebook headquarters in Berlin, for the first internship in international companies, for getting to know Leonid Kravchuk, the first President of Ukraine, for my first bachelor and master programs, mini MBA and the environment of magical people with whom it is pleasant to live, to be and not to pretend! Love my first university!