IT & Innovation: Legacy and Learning

On November 4, 2019, an event “IT & Innovation: Legacy and Learning” was held in UACU, within the framework of the “Principles of Entrepreneurship” course.

The first highlight of this event was the presentation of the second book “LEGACY UKRAINE: IT and Innovation”. Students had a unique opportunity to talk with Sasha Esttone, the author of LEGACY UKRAINE series. Ivan Stepurin, Director of Samit Book, Sergei Vakarin and Oleg Naumenko, inventors and participants chose by the LEGACY UKRAINE, have also given their fascinating speeches.

Moreover, representatives of the state described several ways of support provided for the inventors. They mentioned many foundations that can make any idea come true.

In addition, Paul Thomas, a leading business expert and Special Advisor to the Rector of UACU, and Natalia Protsun, Dean of the Faculty of Management and Business (Ukrainian-American Concordia University) introduced the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program 2020.

During this event, students received a portion of inspiration to generate new ideas, be active and not be afraid of failure.