Become an Expert in Innovation with our Internship Summer Program at Rutgers

Bachelor degree students of Ukrainian universities!
Internship summer program at university Rutgers (USA)

Joint Program Rutgers Global Experiential Learning Summer Institute (GEL), New Jersey, USA, and Ukrainian-American Concordia University (UACU), Kyiv, Ukraine.…/programa-stazhuvannya-z-nau…/

The Global Experiential Learning Summer Institute is an interdisciplinary summer study opportunity that connects students from around the world with renowned Rutgers faculty to collaboratively explore solutions to real world challenges.

Students will have full access to work with the latest Automated Rapid Manufacturing Technology in a State-of-the-Art Facility.

The Rutgers Makerspace facility is a 3,000 square meter flagship experiential learning and workforce development hub for Rutgers faculty, staff, students and the local community. Over $2M in equipment includes 3D printers, 3D Scanners, Laser Cutters, and an Arduino Platform (Hardware and Software for Designing Products, Games and Services) and advanced Data Analytic Systems, a Wood Shop, Metal Shop, Auto Bay, Welding, CNC, Graphics, Textiles, Arts & Crafts and Commercial Kitchen.

Enrollment is designed for students enrolled in a Bachelor’s Degree program at UACU and also encourages applications from students enrolled in a Bachelor’s or equivalent Degree program at any of Ukraine’s engineering, IT or other related universities.
Master Degree students or recent graduates with a Bachelor’s degree may also apply to become Team Leaders.

Students not enrolled at UACU must submit proof of passing the UACU English language placement exam, and provide a complete transcript of courses studied and grades earned at their universities through the most recent completed semester of study.
Acceptance to the Program will be based entirely on the submitted application information. If necessary, an in-person interview may be requested by UACU administration.

Students may apply any time prior to February 1, 2020.
The 2020 Program has a tentative departure date of Friday July 10, returning on Sunday August 2, 2020. These dates are subject to minor change as travel arrangements are finalized.