April 4, 2020 at 10 a.m. All Ukrainian Competition on Business English

All-Ukrainian Business English Competition

Business English Competition is a unique language contest held by the Ukrainian-American Concordia University (ConcodiaUA) since 1999. Competition participants are to show high competence of Business English in terms of both language knowledge and professional communication skills. The winners will be enrolled with ConcordiaUA with full or partial tuition reimbursement.

Date and venue

BEC–2020 will be held on Saturday April 4th 2020. The venue is 8/14 Turhenievska Street, Kyiv. The results will be announced on Friday April 10th at 16:00.


The Competition is aimed at high school students (secondary comprehensive schools, lyceums, or gymnasiums). The number of participants is limited to 5 students from one educational institution.


The Competition comprises two stages, taking place within one day.

The first stage is computer testing. It is aimed at assessing participants’ knowledge of soft business vocabulary (e.g.: company structure, marketing, finance) and functional language of presentations, meetings, negotiations, telephoning, writing in business, etc. Participants are supposed to be aware of major business operations of a typical company as well as have background knowledge of job-hunting strategies and cross-cultural communication in business. Several types of tasks might appear at this stage, i.e. matching and restoring words and phrases, reordering texts, matching, gap filling, true/false, etc.

The second stage is a contest of presenters.  The presentation is to be prepared as a home assignment and delivered on the day of the Competition. The topic for the presentation is an imaginary (preferred) / real company (except for Coca-Cola, P&G and alike). The talk can include any aspect(s) on the speaker’s/speakers’ choice, e.g. description of the company’s organization, products, partners, etc. The presenters are supposed to show tangible knowledge of topical business vocabulary as well as mastery in structuring the speech, using visual aids, handling questions, giving a clear summary and conclusion.

Not more than two speakers for one presentation are allowed. Delivery time is 7 to 10 minutes. Exceeding the time limit will allow the Panel to stop the presenter and lead to losing marks.

Application procedure

Application for participation in the Business English Competition is possible directly through our website, and also via fax, е-mail or telephone.

Additional information

Teachers and participants can get familiarized with the main rules and requirements on our website:


Should you have any questions, you are welcome to ask them in our Facebook group “Business English Competition”:



Organization Committee:

8/14 Turhenievska Street, office 1-4, Kyiv

Tel.: (+380-44) 486-0666, 236-1916, 1949, 7974