Dear students! Dear parents of students! Dear Alumni! Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine” (the name was chosen more than twenty years ago according to the regulations of that time and has not been changed since then, therefore, it looked somewhat awkward and overloaded, as well as the names of many Ukrainian universities) opened the doors to its first students in 1997.
For the twenty-first time, graduates of schools, lyceums, gymnasiums of Ukraine and many countries of the world chose to study in the international environment, mostly in English, without cheating, plagiarism, without “examinations retaking”, without lectures and seminars in the traditional understanding.
During these 20+ years, we had instructors and invited guest lecturers from the US, Canada, Britain, Germany, Turkey, China, India, Australia, Bulgaria and other countries.
Our students and graduates represent more than 30 countries of the world.
Our graduates work in successful Ukrainian and international companies and organizations, do their own business on all continents of the globe. WIUU operates in accordance with the license of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, has state accreditation of the programs of bachelors and masters in management, international business and international management. BBA and MBA programs are accredited by the international independent agency FIBAA (Bonn, Germany) recognized by CHEA (USA).
In our twenty-first year, our longtime partner Concordia University (Wisconsin / Ann Arbor) became the official co-founder of the Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine”. For us, it is a great honor that our co-founder has agreed to use the word-symbol Concordia in our new name! The meaning of the word Concordia – consensus, agreement, peace – is gaining more importance and weight in the historical development of the world, countries, society and individual. We are sure that our University, which is now called the Ukrainian-American Concordia University, will continue to provide high-quality business education in accordance with the best international standards. Changing the name of the university does not affect the validity of the diplomas issued.
Welcome to the Ukrainian-American Concordia University, to Double Degree Programs with the University of Minnesota, Crookston (USA), the University of Koblenz-Landau (Germany) and the Higher School of Occupational Safety Management in Katowice (Poland).
We invite you to participate in the exchange programs with Concordia University – Wisconsin / Ann Arbor (USA), University of Trier (Germany), University of applied sciences Worms (Germany), University of Management Varna (Bulgaria).
Study with us in Ukraine and Abroad!