Dear graduates of the Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) in Ukraine”!

Dear students of the Ukrainian-American Concordia University!

Dear teachers, employees, friends, partners and colleagues of the Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) in Ukraine” (WIUU), and now – the Ukrainian-American Concordia University!

Congratulations to all of you with the end of the twenty-year activity of our international higher education institution and the entry into the new – the third decade!

The first twenty years of our cooperation and joint activities in the field of science, higher education, moral and ethical education and cultural exchange have flown by quite quickly. About our main results of work with you and career growth of our graduates, we try to constantly inform everyone on our site.

Now, in connection with the official joining of the famous American University – the Concordia University Wisconsin, which has campuses in Wisconsin (Mequon) and Michigan (Ann Arbor), to the composition (Board) of the Founders of our institute and with the subsequent renaming of WIUU into the Ukrainian-American Concordia University (UACU), I would like to capture your attention to the word “concordia” and the semantic load that this word carries.

The word “concordia” (in Latin) means harmony, literally – “with one heart,” understanding, compliance, consent. In the mythology, Concordia – is the Roman goddess of harmony. Also with the word “concordia” are closely linked “The Book of Concord” and “Formula of Concord” – the famous symbolic editions of the Lutherans. Often the word “concordia” is found in the names of well-known Canadian and American universities (Systems of Universities “Concordia”).

Continuing its activity as an international higher education institution and focusing on the University Systems of “Concordia”, together with our partners and co-founders of the Concordia University Wisconsin, we developed the concept of the SPIRIT OF CONCORDIA for defining and approving the daily life rules and norms of existence, operation and life of UACU.

In UACU, we will use the term SPIRIT OF CONCORDIA to describe the way of life of students during their training in UACU and the subsequent professional activities – work for the benefit of society.

The SPIRIT OF CONCORDIA implies honesty, openness, transparency and quality of knowledge transferred to the students by the teachers, democratic relations both in the UACU team of all the employees and the UACU student family.

The SPIRIT OF CONCORDIA also asserts the principles of harmony, mutual understanding, compliance, consent, friendship and respect for each other in the relations between the entire collective of employees and the collective of students of the UACU.

The SPIRIT OF CONCORDIA signifies the equality of the rights of all teachers, stuff members, students, listeners and audience of the UACU, the realized need for the qualitative fulfillment by all without exception of their functional and moral duties for the benefit of themselves, the surrounding colleagues, the native collective and for the benefit of the whole society.

The SPIRIT OF CONCORDIA is the image and way of life of a multinational team of UACU teachers and students in justice, in reason, in honor.

The SPIRIT OF CONCORDIA is a long-term friendship and cooperation of graduates and employees of the Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) in Ukraine”, and now – the Ukrainian-American Concordia University.

The SPIRIT OF CONCORDIA, in the conditions of the crisis of moral and spiritual values, ethnic wars and terrible military conflicts, helps us to remain normal civilized people, sympathize with the offended, endure the pain and suffering of others, constantly develop ourselves and help develop our peoples and states.

The SPIRIT OF CONCORDIA is an orientation towards the world’s human values, morality, ethics, democracy and rendering assistance to those who need it.

I ask your support in approving the SPIRIT OF CONCORDIA in UACU. If we always follow the SPIRIT OF CONCORDIA, we will definitely achieve what we want; we will win and create a civilized society of Knowledge!
(Message from the UACU Rector, Professor Oleksandr Romanovskyi, March 1, 2018)