Welcome from Ukrainian-American Concordia University Rector 

Dear students! Dear parents and friends of students! Dear colleagues! Dear guests!

I am glad to congratulate you all on the start of your studies at our institute and on the holiday of knowledge!

We thank you for the right choice in your life of a higher educational institution – our university! It is here  where you can not only learn the profession, but also become true citizens of the world.

This year our university celebrates the 20th anniversary of its educational activities in the Independent Ukraine. And we are proud of the achievements of our educational institution!

First, we really are the INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY in which citizens of many countries study and work. Our students not only study together but also acquire practical knowledge and skills, spirit of high morals and ethics, get ready for life and work in a global society.

Secondly, we are accredited both at the national and international levels.

Thirdly, among the co-founders of our university are the leading universities of the world. So, our Ukrainian co-founder is the world-renowned National Pedagogical Drahomanov University (NPU) which has more than 180 years of history of its existence, fruitfully cooperates in the complex with our institution and provides us with a great material, technical, scientific, methodological, organizational and other assistance. For more than 20 years, we have successfully stepped side by side with NPU stuff members and students into the European future, feel their true friendship and care about the fate of our students, teachers and employees. Our American co-founder is the famous American Concordia University Wisconsin  (CUW), which was founded in 1881 and is a part of the Concordia University System in the United States and Canada. We cooperate with CUW in the field of education – joint training of specialists in business administration, exchange students and teachers, together we bring up young people and instill our students in the ideals of high morals and ethics.

Fourthly, our university has agreements and memorandums of cooperation and joint activities with US universities – Concordia University Wisconsin and Michigan, Minnesota University Crookston, Universities of Oklahoma and Indiana, as well as leading universities of the European Union – German Universities Trier, Worms, Schiller, the Ukrainian Free University in Munich, as well as the well-known Koblenz-Landau State University, with whom we have a joint master’s degree program in business management, technology and innovation with the opportunity and possibility of obtaining two diplomas from our both universities.

And last, the fifth. Students and graduates of our university have excellent opportunities for internships in international companies in Ukraine and in many countries of the world, and now successfully work and live not only in Ukraine, but also in different parts of the world.

The Quality of the received education and Real Employment are the most important indicators of activity of the higher educational institution. And we are a successful university according to these indicators.

We really are proud of our students and graduates, our employees, international faculty members, Ukrainian and foreign business partners and friends.

I wish all the students of our university to obtain a good education and become qualified citizens of their countries and the international community, and for our graduates – a rapid and successful career growth!

Happiness to all of you, success and peaceful life!

Rector of Ukrainian-American Concordia University

prof. Oleksandr Romanovskyi



Ukrainian-American Concordia University (ConcordiaUA) is a unique higher education institution (HEI) which is the first and the only joint university in Ukraine where education of bachelor and master students in administration, business and management is carried out in English and Ukrainian languages.

ConcordiaUA considers its mission the provision of modern business education to Ukrainian students according to Ukrainian business education curriculum and programs of leading American universities since its foundation in 1996-1997. One of the founders of ConcordiaUA was a well-known educator, missionary and pastor of the Lutheran Church USA Dr John Beech, who served for 17 years as a successful president of the famous University of Wisconsin Concordia – Concordia University Wisconsin (Mequon, Wisconsin, United States). Therefore the name of ConcordiaUA is associated with the name of the State of Concordia. The main goal of the newly established university was transmission of international standards of business education to Ukrainian youth and organization of this education and training in Ukraine (with the possibility of training and professional internship in economically developed countries).

As ConcordiaUA was established as an international university, studying at the American BBA and MBA programs takes place exclusively in English. Courses are taught by professors and lecturers from the universities of Wisconsin and Minnesota and other states of the US, English-speaking countries of the EU and other countries. Ukrainian cofounder of ConcordiaUA is M. P. Dragomanov National Pedagogical University (NPU), which formed a complex with ConcordiaUA and included it in its composition as a separate legal entity.

As American BBA and MBA programs were not licensed or accredited by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, it was decided to create a pilot program by combining them together with Ukrainian program “Management of foreign economic activity”. During the process of education the entire cycle of BBA and MBA courses is taught entirely in English and the remaining disciplines necessary for inclusion into the Ukrainian program are taught in Ukrainian. As a result, Ukrainian and foreign students could receive degrees and diplomas of BBA and MBA programs (according to the American educational standards), as well as Bachelor and Master Degrees in “Management of foreign economic activity” (according to Ukrainian state educational standards) and Ukrainian state diplomas.

Over the years, many students, especially foreign students, began taking only BBA and MBA programs. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, and then the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine denied our institute in licensing BBA and MBA programs with English language of instruction. To confirm the quality of training and capacity of ConcordiaUA to teach students of BBA and MBA programs at the international standards level, ConcordiaUA invited the leading European accreditation agency in business education FIBAA* to analyze our training activities and determine their level. As a result, in 2012 and 2014 MBA and BBA programs of ConcordiaUA received FIBAA accreditation for a period of 5 years.

*The MBA program of Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute Ukrainian-American Concordia University was accredited by the Foundation of International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) on September 27, 2012. ConcordiaUA’s BBA program was accredited by FIBAA on July 11, 2014 (http://www.fibaa.org/en/welcome-page.html).

Since ConcordiaUA admits students with a good knowledge of English language on a fee basis, focusing on individualization (rather than mass admission), the number of Ukrainian applicants has always been limited. In times before the demographic crisis (until 2003) ConcordiaUA had 300 to 400 students annually.

It is necessary to mention that ConcordiaUA does not take even a penny from the state budget, employs citizens of Ukraine (as its employees) and works exclusively on the basis of self-sufficiency. As the quality level of international education which ConcordiaUA provides is certified by FIBAA and 100% of employment of ConcordiaUA graduates in prestigious Ukrainian, joint and multinational companies, this fact serves as a rationale for the value and usefulness of ConcordiaUA in the system of the higher education in Ukraine.

ConcordiaUA emphasizes real philanthropy and charity in the process of education of Christian morality, ethics and citizenship in students. For example, ConcordiaUA students conduct real charity work helping children in rural schools and boarding school for children with mental and physical disabilities.

For example, students, administration and faculty of ConcordiaUA sponsored the following activities:

  • computer room for 12 seats for secondary school (I-II levels) students in the village of Shapovalivka, Konotop district of Sumy region;
  • computer room for 12 seats for secondary school (I-II levels) students in the village of Kuzmivka Sarnenski region of Rivne oblast. (Computers were connected to Internet);
  • computer room for 12 seats for a boarding school in the village of Babanka Uman region (for children with mental and physical disabilities);
  • Three computer labs for a total amount of 40 students for secondary schools number 1 and number 2 of the city Ukrainka of Obukhov district, Kyiv region (computers were connected to Internet).

Students and employees of ConcordiaUA also provide practical assistance to the boarding school(village of Babanka, Uman region), and together with charity fund “BLAHOMAY” they assist the boarding schools of Kiev region.

Attention needs to be drawn to the following facts:

  • Throughout the period from 1997 to 2015 ConcordiaUA has educated more than 5000 students, and English school trainees, among whom – more than 2035 of foreign students;
  • Since its inception, ConcordiaUA has trained more than 500 master-level MBA students from among the senior Chinese officials;
  • ConcordiaUA runs English school for university applicants, students and citizens of all ages.

ConcordiaUA works in conjunction with the National M. P. Dragomanov Pedagogical University, which provides overall scientific-methodological guidance of the statutory activity of our institution, provides the necessary logistical and intellectual resources, fruitfully cooperates with ConcordiaUA in the educational and scientific field;

NPU is a co-founder of ConcordiaUA, and ConcordiaUA is its separate structural unit with legal rights (which is reflected on the site NPU);

ConcordiaUA develops 4 research topics which are registered at the Ukrainian Institute of Scientific-Technical and Economic Information.

  • The title of the first topic is “Research and implementation into the educational system of Ukraine of the theory and practice of entrepreneurial activity of higher education institutions of the leading countries of the world” (the leader of this topic is the Doctor of Economic Sciences, the Doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor Romanovskyi O.O.). The state registration number of this topic is 0112U001691.
  • The title of the second topic is “Leadership in business and education and its role in the national socio-economic development” (the leader of this topic is the Doctor of Economic Sciences, the Doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor Romanovskyi O.O.). The state registration number of the topic is 0113U002092.
  • The tile of the third topic is “Issues of Effective Management of foreign economic activity in Ukraine in the conditions of intensification of integration processes” (the leader of the topic is the Doctor of Economic Sciences Grebelnyk O.P.). The state registration number of this topic is 0113U002091.
  • The tile of the fourth topic is “Humanitarian Studies” (the director of this topic is Doctor of Philological Sciences Malinska N.A.). The number of the state registration of this topic is 0113U002090.

In the 2013 ranking of private universities in Ukraine, ConcordiaUA was ranked the 14th among the 76 private universities.

As of 15/01/2015, ConcordiaUA received four licenses from the Accreditation Commission of Ukraine for education of bachelor level and master level students; for continued education; for training of foreigners and stateless persons according to the accredited areas (specialties). The licenses for different applications are valid until 2016, 2018 and 2019.

During the last two years, MBA and BBA programs (Bachelor of Business Administration and Master of Business Administration) at ConcordiaUA were accredited for 5 years by the leading European Accreditation Agency Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA), which is recognized by Ministries / Departments of Education of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, and CHEA (USA);

On February 27, 2015 ConcordiaUA became the first in Ukraine educational member of the American Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs ACBSP **


** Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) is a well – known American Accreditation Council of Business Schools and Programs. It is a leading specialized accreditation association for business education supporting, celebrating and rewarding the best practices of teaching and pedagogical skills. Association combines the advantages of good teaching experience, teaching skills and emphasizes to students that it is important to learn how to learn.
ACBSP accredits programs in business, accounting, and other business-related programs at the associate’s degree, bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate. It is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation United States (CHEA). ACBSP was the first organization that offered specialized business accreditation of all levels in the US and around the world (www.acbsp.org).

It should be noted that during the 17 years of its operation, ConcordiaUA was recognized both in Ukraine and internationally. For example:

  • On March 28, 2014 European Foundation “For Service to Europe” (Mérite Européen) awarded Ukrainian-American Concordia University with an honorable Mention for merits in uniting European nations of Europe in Freedom – Peace – Brotherhood;
  • On December 29, 2009, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine awarded the team of Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute Ukrainian-American Concordia University with an honorary diploma for its significant contribution to the development of education, the introduction of modern methods of training and education of young people;
  • In 2008, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine awarded the team of Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute Ukrainian-American Concordia University with an honorary certificates for many years of hard work and contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists and fruitful scientific -pedagogical work and high professionalism;
  • In November 2011, the German-Ukrainian Society of Economy and Science (Mainz, Germany) awarded Ukrainian-American Concordia University (ConcordiaUA) with the Certificate of Merit for exemplary cooperation for strengthening of relationships between Ukraine and Germany;
  • On April 4, 2013 Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute Ukrainian-American Concordia University (ConcordiaUA) was listed into the State Register of scientific institutions, supported by the state, which confirms the high status in ConcordiaUA research activities;

ConcordiaUA is a member and is actively involved in the activities of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, Association of educational institutions of Ukraine of private ownership. ConcordiaUA is a representative of the German-Ukrainian Ukrainian Society for Economics and Science (Mainz, Germany) and cooperates with leading universities in Ukraine, USA, UK and Germany.

Staff and students of ConcordiaUA are proud of the fact that during the Orange Revolution of 22.11-26.12 2004, before the start of the second round of presidential re-election, it was ConcordiaUA (the only university in Ukraine!) which gave the stage to the US Ambassador to Ukraine Mr. John Herbst to express the US’ Government’s position and appeal to the Ukrainian community and the international community on the situation in Ukraine.

In the conditions of demographic crisis, the exodus of young college age students abroad, corruption and profane of learning in many state educational establishments, ConcordiaUA is trying to maintain the quality of European education and provide students with democratic higher education in Ukraine.

The team ConcordiaUA – a truly international institution – made its decision long ago about the need for existence and further development of this unique institution where students are taught in English according to American university bachelor or master programs of business administration (BBA and MBA); where the total number of students should be limited to 500 persons, and the quality of education does not depend on the number of students; where there is no place to plagiarism, cheating, retaking of examinations; where there is a long history of intermediate tests and integrated assessment; where American and European credit-scoring systems are used; where there is no unlicensed software; and where students are actively involved in social and public life.

ConcordiaUA possesses adequate number of highly qualified faculty for effective organization of the educational system. Furthermore, it invites business leaders, businessmen, top managers of international and Ukrainian companies to conduct workshops and practical training. Professors, teachers and researchers of M.P Dragomanov National Pedagogical University and other leading universities and research institutions of Ukraine take an active part in the educational process and scientific activity ConcordiaUA.

There are many Guest Professors and Guest Lecturers from the US, UK, Germany, Austria and other countries among the faculty of ConcordiaUA. Students of the institute always have internship and included professional practice and training in well-known European universities, companies, and banks. Graduates of ConcordiaUA work in leading international companies in Ukraine and adequately represent Ukraine in foreign and joint organizations.

Education and scientific activities, vocational training, and moral and ethical education of youth in ConcordiaUA are conducted by full-time and part-time professors and instructors as well as regular foreign guest lecturers ***. Among them are:

*** Regular guests are defined as professors and instructors who lecture to the students and faculty of the ConcordiaUA, conduct workshops, organize professional internship, case studies, interactive sessions and distance learning courses for ConcordiaUA students.

Among the honorary doctors of ConcordiaUA are such persons as the US Ambassador John Herbst (2003-2006), the Director of the United States Peace Corps in Ukraine (2001-2007) Karl Beck, the Director of the UN Information Centre in Ukraine Douglas Gardner, Honorary Consul of Ukraine in Germany Dr. Hansjuergen Doss, German Ambassador to Ukraine (retired) Dr. Dietmar Stüdemann, Dr. Kenneth Gray (twice our American Dean who, incidentally, opened Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Master’s programs) and many friends, partners from around the world. Academician Leonid Rudnytsky has spoken to students at ConcordiaUA with lectures and initiated cooperation between ConcordiaUA and Ukrainian Free University (Munich), US universities – La Salle (Philadelphia) and Urbana Champaign (Illinois) and with German-Ukrainian Society for Economics and Science (Mainz, Germany).

ConcordiaUA is sincerely grateful for the support, cooperation and friendship of many years of such well-known foreign state, political and public figures, scientists, teachers, professors and doctors who are colleagues and friends of ConcordiaUA as: Alex Alexandrov, Carl Beck, Michael Bedwell, Özlen Birol, Jörn Block, Bonnie Boring, R.John and Lyla Buuck, Ed Cocks, Hans-Jurgen Doss, Hendrik Doss, Bill and Dorothy Ebel, Yunus Emre, Olena Etokova, Lee Feng, Duglas Gartner, Kenneth and Kristina Gray, Axel Haas, John Herbst, Stephen Hock, Lars Hoffmann, Alex Hoponiv, Moritz Hunzinger, Günter Jertz, Boyd Johnson, John Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Nadja Jost, Paul Kervin, Albert Kippa, Wolfgang Klee, Nick Kiritis, Marchall Kristensen, Katherine Ledesma, Tomas and Walter Leibrecht, Adalbert Lhota, Hartwig Lorenz, Gennady Lyekir, Nicole Macho, George Markey, Roger McMurrin, David McNamee, Margaret Nobel, Jonathan Pernick, Vladimir Petlenko, Jelena Pivovarova, Leo Rudnytzky, Michael Ruiss, Elaine Sarao, Stephan Schupbach, Siegfried Seip, Nick Shafowal, Paul Shotsberger, Peter Spary, Friedel Stauß, Dietmar G. Stüdemann, Mara Sukholutskaya, Jeannie Tabb, Slavisa Tasic, Denny and Branko Torbica, Peter Wadle, Brion Wozniak and others.

ConcordiaUA appreciates sincere long-term cooperation with Ukrainian and American Lutheran Church(ULC), personally with the pastor of ULC, Doctorof Theology, Vyacheslav Horpynchuk; employees of American Council (American Resource Center) at the US Embassy in Ukraine; employees of the British Council in Ukraine and representatives of the Embassy of Germany in Ukraine and Goethe Institute.

For many years ConcordiaUA cooperates with universities and colleges in the USA, Germany, UK, China, Kazakhstan and other countries which send us their instructors and students and accept our students and instructors for study and continued education.

For the past few years ConcordiaUA fruitfully cooperates with the Company Al Ain National Projects (UAE, Abu Dhabi) concerning distance learning for employees, enhancing their knowledge and training in International Business and Management fields.

ConcordiaUA respects its students and is proud of its graduates who studied diligently and have opened their own business or were hired for prestigious positions in leading Ukrainian and international companies, banks and enterprises. Alumni and staff of ConcordiaUA are the golden fund of the Institute, and for them ConcordiaUA will defend the honor of the university to victory.

ConcordiaUA firmly supports the initiatives of the Government and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in restoring order in the national university network with the goal of eradication of such unethical behavior as “diploma mills”, “paper” universities, bribery, corruption and profanity from the system of national higher education.

For many years the team of employees and students of the Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute Ukrainian-American Concordia University has been justifying the value and necessity of the presence of ConcordiaUA in the higher education system of Ukraine and has received deserved international recognition.

This press release was prepared by the Rector of ConcordiaUA Professor Romanovskyi on behalf of the team of ConcordiaUA: its faculty, staff, students, their parents and graduates.

Kyiv, March 6, 2015