Ukrainian-American Concordia University is welcomed for studying citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and non-citizens residing in Ukraine legally, have the appropriate educational qualification level and desire to get higher education.

Students applying to study at ConcordiaUA must have completed secondary (high) school with a satisfactory grade point average. In addition, students must prove English proficiency by submitting a TOEFL score (or an equivalent English test) or by taking a placement test at ConcordiaUA to begin study in the degree curriculum.

Applicants who have not received the required number of points can attend English courses at the Ukrainian-American University Concordia. The classes are taught with the understanding that students have the required English proficiency.

Winners of competitions organized by ConcordiaUA, graduates of ConcordiaUA High School Programs and ConcordiaUA English School have a range of admission privileges.

Applicants on the basis of complete secondary school education represent their Certificate of External Independent Evaluation issued in 2017, 2018, 2019 years, except for grades from English, French, German and Spanish languages. English, French, German and Spanish are accepted only from Certificates of External Independent Evaluation of 2018 and 2019 years.

Visiting Ukrainian-American Concordia University

If you are interested in our higher educational institution, please contact the administration of the Ukrainian-American Concordia University to agree the date of your visit. You will be offered an introductory tour, a selection of videos and printed information about the Institute.

Address and Phones

Business Address:
8-14 Turhenevs’ka Street, room 1-4
Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine




Registered Office:
9 Pyrogova Street,
Kyiv, 01030, Ukraine

Business Hours

9am to 6pm

10am to 3pm


In the Admissions Board you can learn about:

  • rules of admission to higher educational institutions of Ukraine in the current year;
  • list of competitive subjects and programs of entrance examinations;
  • characteristics of specialties and specialization of all degrees;
  • schedule of entrance exams;
  • order of transfer, renewal at the Institute;
  • and other information that may interests you.

Ukrainian-American Concordia University is licensed and accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (you may find all information at our web).

Admission rules are developed by the Admissions Board of Private Educational Establishment-Institute “Ukrainian-American Concordia University” in 2019 approved by the rector from 24.01.2019, approved by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated October 11, 2018 № 1096 and registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on December 21, 2017  № 1456/32908.

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