Every year, for eighteen years Ukrainian-American Concordia University (WIUU) has been wishing happy future to its graduates. During the Graduation Season students, faculty and staff are so excited and happy! We are always greatly interested in the success story of our alumni!

Enjoy some nice memories from Graduation 2006!

13 years ago! Dear our students, now alumni! Wishing you much success!
Waiting for information and pictures from UACU (WIUU) Graduates!

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Olena Nazarenko, head of the Export Department, Moscow, Russia (Moscow)
The University gave me that necessary base of knowledge and skills in work, which is the basis of everything. And the ability to competently structure my working time (for which I am grateful to the University’s lecturers) makes it possible to work in different fields and industries without harming my family. Always with warmth, I recall student life and lectures, where teachers told and on their own example gave not only theoretical but also practical knowledge. For which they are MANY THANKS !!!!!

Our Senior Student Volodymyr Hritsay had  his summer 2017 internship at the kids’ camp Brigantina as a  Head of English Studies for kids 7-17 years old.

Volodymyr demonstrated great organizational and communication skills, responsibility, active and creative attitude to his activities as well as caring about kids and perfect methodology and language skills.

Patricia Essen graduated from and later worked as an international programs coordinator and instructor at ConcordiaUA (WIUU)  now she is a successful entrepreneur:

At WIUU you will get invaluable knowledge combined with professional skills necessary for your career as well as many new interesting friends. Here the students are greatly motivated to become independent by means of individual and team activities. Just don’t be late!

Stadnik Bohdan  
I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to you for organizing the student exchange program between University of Trier and ConcordiaUA (Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine).
This Winter Semester 2017 was one of the most brightest and valuable times of my life. During exchange period I made many new friends from different countries, improved my proficiency of German language & culture, and obtained professional theoretical knowledge.
I strongly believe that the integration process will continue to grow (including between Germany and Ukraine) in different areas: education, economics, cultural, social, and political. Thereby the importance and relevance of studying experience in Trier University will only increase with time.

Marina Peresadchenko

Our certificates, finally! Present for St.Valentine’s day from our uni. Another one achievement and quite unique experience . That awkward moment when you’re trying to use words you didn’t know before.
Tnx to ConcordiaUA (Wisconsin international) and The Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for this opportunity

Dmytro Nadtochiy – ConcordiaUA (WIUU) alumni

I am currently working for my MBA degree at University of Michigan Ross School of Business, and I must admit that my studies at WIUU were very instrumental in all aspects of my MBA endeavor. Most of the core curriculum classes at Ross, including microeconomics, statistics, accounting, and finance were very similar to the ones I worked through at WIUU. Moreover, while at Ross I had no problems adapting to the requirments of American Professors and overall classroom experience, so I could hit the ground running. Ome of the exciting opportunities offered by the top MBA programs in the U.S. is recruiting with top multinational corporations. I was lucky to spend my internship summer at Google, European Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland.

Roman Shatov – Implementation Manager, PJSC “Deutsche Bank DBU” – ConcordiaUA (WIUU) alumni

My name is Roman Shatov and I have been working with Deutsche Bank for over two challenging, but successful years. My current responsibilities mainly include Implementation of local and global deals and product management tasks. The education and practical experienced world-wide Deutsche Bank team. Cooperation with foreing colleagues from absolutely different parts of the world allows me to further develop skills and knowledge of International Bisiness received at WIUU.

Josef Graf – The Chairman of the Management Board at Porsche Leasing and Porsche Finance Group

ConcordiaUA (WIUU), thank you for you partnership! We get only best personalities from your institute, as Lisa Marchenko is one of them. We are very proud about their engagement and spirir, and love to work with them as well than with ConcordiaUA (WIUU) as our partner university! Thank’s a lot!

Olga Lutsenko (August 2016)

Currently I live in Moscow, moved here in October 2015, as received an offer from Ernst and Young. This company is a member of so-called Big Four – major international audit companies that provide both auditing and consulting services. (Big Four: Ernst and Young, KPMG, PwC, Deloitte). I work in an audit department of the financial sector, my main and the most important customer at the moment is “Sberbank”, Russia’s largest bank by the number of assets, so in general I like everything. I have worked for almost a year already, was promoted to Analyst of the 2nd year a week ago and now I am going straight to the goal – to work a little more and transfer to our office in another country!)) After graduation from ConcordiaUA (Wisconsin International University (USA) in Ukraine) I went to the UK to obtain Master’s degree, studied Finance and Accounting at Warwick Business School. Currently this school is around 5-6th in the ranking of universities in the United Kingdom, and ConcordiaUA (WIUU) really helped me to enter it, namely the language and the structure of our education. Accordingly, the study in the UK was less difficult for me because during 4 years of studies I gained a strong knowledge of finance and accounting at the University. After graduation I planned to stay in England and work there. But there was a story: I was invited to work in the London office of Ernst and Young, but encountered visa difficulties, and as a result I moved to Moscow and currently work in their Moscow office. Overall, baccalaureate gave me a very strong base, which I still use in my job. I believe that the experience of our teachers just played a major role in getting such a good foundation, because everything that I studied, I use on actual audit projects and it helps to quickly move up the career ladder!

Julia Orel (August, 2016)

Hello everyone! My name is Julia Orel. 4 years ago I left the walls of our university. Without hesitation, I got married. After working for a year as a personal assistant of the owner of Jewelry House Zarina Natalya Netovkina, I decided to leave and have a child in the USA. With my husband we made our dream come true and decided to stay and live in this beautiful country. It is not in vain that I studied in the American university.

Currently we are working with my husband in his business. Knowledge of most subjects helps me now in many issues. Sometimes I think that I had to study harder because now I feel like going through all 4 courses again, only at work. What is very pleasant, is my knowledge of English. It is nice to hear surprised questions from people, where I have learned the language. I am grateful to ConcordiaUA (Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine) for this, and even here, on the territory of America, I always tell about it.

Artemiy Shvedkov and Rostyslav Liubchenko (August 2016)

We graduated from ConcordiaUA (WIUU) in 2014.

Since that time Rostyslav worked as market research analyst at Nielsen company, where he daily conducted marketing and financial analysis and forecasts for market leaders.

Artemiy worked as manger and business trainer in Team Expert training company.

In 2015 we decided to open a steampunk Pub in Krakow, Poland. We created business plan and found a group of investors to make their dream come true.

Our Pub opened its doors in February 2016. It  is located in the 16th century cellar in the very heart of Krakow. Pub attracts guests by karaoke nights, quest game, board-game tournaments, disco parties, and sportive translations.

We both, Artemiy and Rostyslav admit that our business had no chanses to exist without backgroung we have received in WIUU. The university gave us knowledge and skills which helped us to open and run our business on highly competitive market.

Besides important subjects such as Human Resourse Management, Operational Management, Financial Management, Risk Management which  are used by us on the daily basis, the University has provided us with  extremely important practical skills through different projects. Which university in Ukraine could provide such mighty background? Only WIUU.

Joahim Bentz – Marketing Manager of Nivea Company in Ukraine (2013)

For jobs in my department (Marketing) I can say that students are nicely prepared. First BIG advantade is English, this is a key objective criteria – you can be the brightest student with great knowledge, not knowing English you will fail in the first round of interviews. Then regarding such factors like hard skills – here I think students are nicely prepared (of course it depends on each individual students is he/she really lerned, but the opportunity is there). Personally I like that the university pats so much attention to teamwork and business plan projects. Teamwork is important as more and more company projects are run in groups and it is good to have experienced even difficult conflict team-situations. The busintss plan projects help to see and understand the big picture which is very helpful too.

Daryna Barykina (August, 2016)

My name is Daryna Barykina, I’m 27, I have lived in Jacksonville, Florida, USA for 5 years already. I work as a beauty photographer. Cooperate with the brands of L’Oreal group and independent beauty brands. I travel a lot around the country, conducting advertising photo surveys and master classes in photography. I also work with individual stylists, taking pictures of their works for various hairdressing competitions and contests. I am an entrepreneur and fully maintain my business, and knowledge gained at ConcordiaUA (Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine) helps me a lot. First I worked with it, and now I just control workflow, accounting, filling in tax returns. At the same time, I personally communicate with customers and do marketing. The knowledge gained during education, from the theory went into practice, and I am very happy about it. In my field creative people generally do not have economic education that gives me a significant advantage in negotiations and decision-making in comparison with others. Perhaps during training I did not quite understand what to do with all the proposed knowledge, but having started the business, I was able to structure and use it as intended. I am very grateful to the institute and teachers. I miss you very much and hope to visit next year.

Julia Kalinichenko (August, 2016)

I have been living and working in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, for a year already. I work in the restaurant of the famous chef Gordon Ramsay (Bread Street kitchen), which is located at the hotel Atlantis the Palm. My position is restaurant assistant manager (we call it headwaiter). A lot of work, a lot of stress, as it is abroad, and requirements are high. But it’s a good experience with international people, different mentality. It develops very good resistance to stress. Of course, education in ConcordiaUA (Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine) was very useful, and not only English, but also everything else)) I don’t intend to stop at one place, but plan to develop further and try other countries.

Alyona Negoda (August 2016)

After the second course of ConcordiaUA (Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine) in Kiev, I exchanged to partner university – Schiller International University in Heidelberg, Germany. After the third year got an internship in the company Continental AG in Hannover (tire production) in the Procurement department. After a year of practice, I returned to Heidelberg and finished my studies, and obtained BBA degree. Then I was offered a job again in the Continental in the same Procurement department. After working there for two years, I decided to obtain MBA and moved to Madrid, and completed MBA with Cum Laude in Schiller International University. After MBA, I got a job in the Spanish bank BBVA. I worked there for 8 years and then decided to open my own business. Now I have my medical agency Healthy Spain ( which is in charge of organization of health services and support for the Russian-speaking and English-speaking patients in Spain. We work with more than 100 clinics across Spain. Patients come from all over the world.

Education in WIUU was the foundation of all my success in the career, and it is due to the fact that I had chosen this university I had a chance to continue my studies abroad and find a good job.

Max Lukyanenko (August 2016)

I studied at ConcordiaUA (Winconsin International University (USA) Ukraine) in 2007-2009, MBA program. At the beginning of my studies, I worked as a client director of the advertising agency. Just after graduation, together with my partners I launched online store Later we launched (the largest in Ukraine seller of sunglasses Ray-Ban) and (the largest, but in fact the only online store of glasses for vision). Education in WIUU was like a breath of fresh air – something I really needed after the first education (KPI). There is a very strong belief that MBA has strongly helped and still helps to make the coolest projects in their niches in Ukraine.

Rostyslav Liubchenko – Porsche Finance Group (ConcordiaUA (WIUU) MBA student, 2014)

Working in Porsche Finance Group I found useful the knowledge WIUU provided me through almost 4 years of my education. Porsche Finance is large international company and their field of business is leasing and crediting cars from official dealers in Ukraine. Surely, the most useful knowledge for me, working there as trainee, was English and Business English. My primary duties included communication with a lot of colleagues, business partners and, sometimes, top management from Austria. I am glad that on our weekly meetings I understood every word and all the business-terms my colleagues operated. I also would like to mention our Multinational Enterprise and Theory of Economy classes, where I got nice theoretical background. This allowed me to accommodate quickly inside the company, understand principles of their work and used my knowledge on practice. I am thankful to WIUU instructors for their work and for the desire to do the best for the students.

Evgeniya Serduk – FidoBank  (ConcordiaUA (WIUU) student, 2011)

I was an intern in FIDOBANK for two month during winter 2014.
During this time I got valuable experience in social and business spheres. I was given an opportunity to work for several departments: Research departmenrt and Business Support Unit. It helped me to learn the organizational structure and get a better understanding of the company`s operations. From the first day of internship I felt the friendly atmosphere, but a student or a potential employee should not be surprised that nobody going to tell you how to do the job or how to calculate the financial ratios. Banking is a specific area and only those who have a pure hard work, great efforts and enthusiasm provide great results. I am thankful to our university for giving such a wonderful opportunity.

Ms. Kateryna Horpynchuk – L’Oreal Brandstorm competition, (IV year ConcordiaUA (WIUU) student, 2012)

Over 50,000 students from over 280 universities in 45 different countries have already put themselves in the shoes of an International Brand Manager. Annual International L’Oreal Brandstorm competition is a unique opportunity for students to show their talents and knowledge, it is chance to become a marketing brand manager in international marketing competition and present a new product line for an existing L’Oreal brand. Along with other teams from WIUU I participated in this competition. I can’t even describe how useful this experience was. All the work that the team and its separate members have done will always remain useful in our future careers. We clearly realized all the necessary qualities that a good manager would need and how to use our knowledge to its best.

L’Oreal marketing game is a great opportunity for students to activate their abilities, greatly develop those abilities and actually enjoy the work that is done.

Ms. Ternova Olena, Talent Acquisition Specialist (2012)

We are happy about ConcordiaUA’s (WIUU’s) level of education and always welcome students for internship. Everyone I was happy to interview was drive, enthusiastic and motivated for a job. Your students have knowledge, which is significantly closer to business needs, than peers from government universities. I heard only the best about the books you read, the subjects you learn and the level of WIUU teachers. Nevertheless keep in mind that even high quality knowledge is far from real business experience. So the practice of internships will fill these gaps. We also noticed that some students spend their time in after class activities: student unions, students media, business workshops. It gives them valuable experience, which could be helpful during interviews.

Dmytro Gruzin – Pfizer (IV year ConcordiaUA (WIUU) student, 2012)

I was an intern in Pfizer for two months during summer 2011. This was an extremely valuable experience that helped me in my future professional life. During the internship, I was given an opportunity to work for several departments: Business Development, HR, Veterinary, and Procurement. It helped me to learn the organizational structure and get a better understanding of the company’s operations. As a result of this internship, I gained useful skills and competencies and grasped the conception of working process in general. Pfizer is a leading international company which has an exceptional team of competent, good-hearted professionals on board. From the first day of internship I felt the friendly atmosphere and was able to get acquainted with a lot of good people just in couple of days. If you are looking for an internship in a company that will help you to gain new valuable skills and knowledge, I would definitely recommend Pfizer.

Mr. Alexey Dolgikh – Pedersen & Partners, Executive Search

Mr. Alexey Dolgikh is a Principal and Country Manager for Ukraine at Pedersen & Partners. Mr. Dolgih has over eight years of successful track record in the executive search industry having worked in Russia and Ukraine. His key competencies are the search for the Director- and C-level professionals in Finance, Marketing and Sales functions. Alexey is an expert in FMCG & Retail, Healthcare and Agro business. Mr. Dolgikh completed a number of international searches for the Ukrainian clients offering best international practice and expertise for emerging and developing sectors of the economy. He is an active participant and speaker in the professional and specialized conferences and seminars, and has a solid reputation of a competent expert in the recruitment and HR area. Mr. Dolgikh started his professional career in a law firm in Donetsk, Ukraine, after graduating the Donetsk National University with a diploma in law. He is now pursuing a joint MBA program at the University of New Brunswick, Canada, and International Institute of Business in Ukraine.

Alla Royuk – Pedersen & Partners (IV year ConcordiaUA (WIUU) student, 2012)

Alla Royuk is a Research Analyst for Ukraine at Pedersen & Partners. She is a recent graduate from WIUU. Her major disciplines include Risk Management, HRM, HR Communication, Marketing and PR. Alla got her professional experience at Tissen Krupp, Bureau Veritas International companies.

I applied to this Position with the help of the University HR Manager Mariana Shatova. The first interview was held by the Research Assosiate who recommended me to his boss. I was hired not as an Intern, but as a Research Analyst due to my previous experience in this field. Of course, I have a huge responsibility for finishing projects on time and meeting the requirements of our partners, such as Philip Morris International, Samsung, British American Tobacco, Freshtel, Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer, Novartis, Pfizer, and many others. Even though, you may work overtime, it is a great opportunity to strengthen your skills, communicate with different organizations, and learn all processes within the Company.

Mr. Andriy Drobot, Senior investment Advisor / Head of Restructuring Practice, ConcordiaUA (WIUU) MBA 2012, Summa Cum Laude

Current position: Chief Financial Officer at CrossWorld Warranty, Inc; partner at private consulting company.

The greatest advantage of students coming from the WIUU is their knowledge of English, business concepts and ability to grasp ideas quickly and get them to work. Of course, much of the success depends on the abilities of a particular student: his desire to study, his persistence in achieving the best results, self-discipline. All matters for future career success.

Elizabeth Nudelman – American English Center (AEC) (ConcordiaUA (WIUU) student, 2010)

WIUU has given me the greatest background of practical knowledge in business processes, management procedures and strategic planning. The most valuable thing I got from the University is my goal-oriented type of thinking and the general business outlook. Besides, I was taught the ability to think “out of the box” and the art to find optimal solutions for any problematic issues that arise within the organization. My professional skills in practical application of management functions, finance, marketing, HR, business ethics and other business components applied during my University years now make me a successful manager of a developing business.

Mr. Kaftanov Nikolay – Citibank (Ukraine), Senior Banker, Vice President

ConcordiaUA (WIUU) students come well prepared to their internship in Citibank (Ukraine). They have a good command of English and strong academic background in financial management and financial analysis. They also possess good research skills and sound judgment. These qualities are extremely useful in the bank’s everyday work.

Mrs. Olha Krupa – Citibank (Ukraine), Associate Relationship Manager (2007)

ConcordiaUA (WIUU) students are motivated and willing to learn on the job and have good time management skills. WIUU students are cooperative, friendly, proactive, result-oriented, creative and hard-working. Most importantly, they also have a sense of humor and strong team spirit. We really enjoy working with the students of WIUU. We are always willing to get assistance of trustworthy, well-educated and highly motivated people. According to the bank’s Human Resource overall requirements and policies the hiring process is conducted.

Mrs. Inessa Krivosheya – Citibank (Ukraine), Country Human Resource Officer, Resident Vice President (2007)

We are very satisfied with the cooperation we have with WIUU and are happy to host the WIUU students in Citi now and in the future.

Generally, ConcordiaUA (WIUU) students are recognized for their good level of English, good theoretical knowledge in different disciplines which they use in practice in our bank. They are well behaved and purposeful, eager to learn and take the responsibility for the work they do.

WIUU students perform a variety of different tasks, including, but not limited to the following: data collection on client due diligence, market data collection, assistance in client monitoring, assistance with preparation of various credit reviews, Know Your Customer forms updates. The most common departments the interns are usually placed in are the Corporate Bank, Global Transaction Services and Operations. We do enjoy working with WIUU students, otherwise we would not invite them. We think this cooperation is important both for the bank and for the students. For us it is important because by hosting students, along with getting extra help, we are creating our future pipeline. We get the opportunity to tell about ourselves, our culture, our values and we hope that Citi will be Employer of Choice for the talented graduates. Generally, we invite 1-2 top students of the university.

Helen Prorochenko – Citibank (Ukraine), ConcordiaUA (WIUU) student at Citigroup (2007)

I’ve been with Citibank for approximately half a year and I feel proud to be here and to be a part of this multinational family. This is the place, where one can start an international career growth; this bank provides an opportunity to become a real professional, to become an example for others. Citi has a strong corporate culture, mutual respect and highly-motivating team spirit. I believe that it is a success and honor to represent a bank which traces its roots back to early 1820-s. However, it is also a great responsibility for each of the member of the global team to carry the name of Citi and to hand one’s achievements and success to future generations. This bank seeks talented and bright people. You come here already academically well-prepared and with a particular experience in banking. A student or a potential employee should not be surprised that nobody is going to tell how to do the job, how to calculate financial ratios, how to perform financial analysis and modeling, how to estimate risks and attract customers, how to deal with different financial products and how the overall banking system works. This job can become complicated, when one doesn’t catch up with what is going on. Banking is a specific area of business and only those who have a pure understanding of it and are willing to learn on the job can meet the challenging tasks it offers. But the hard work, great efforts and healthy enthusiasm provide great rewards. I work with really great people that I really like and highly respect, I feel I add value to this corporation. All of the above keeps me here and I plan to build a career in Citi.

Anastasiia Iefimova – Citibank (Ukraine), (ConcordiaUA (WIUU) student, 2010)

WIUU provided me with great opportunity to study in international community where your teachers were not just simply foreigner and native speakers but also business people who actually worked in international business environment and were willing to share their first-hand experience. So, if you want to work for international companies and you are looking for great experiences, WIUU is the place for you!

Mikhail Zavylov – Metro Cash & Carry, Human Resources Director (2006)

We have been cooperating with ConcordiaUA (WIUU) since 2004. In 2004 we took 15 internees, of them 5 remain with us and become part of our work force. In the next years we took 10-15 students for internship from WIUU and other universities each year. We are very pleased with your students, and do not plan on stopping our collaboration with ConcordiaUA (WIUU). For those willing we offer internship opportunities and future employment.

Students of your university have worked in various departments, namely: finance, accounting, purchase, logistics, HR and trading centers. Above all it depends on already existing preparation of the students, we also consider their desire to work in the department that they see themselves in.

Liza Ryzhankova – Metro Cash & Carry, HR Assistant and later Buyer at MCC (2005 -2013)

I’ve been working at METRO Cash & Carry since July of 2005. At first I was an intern at the Nonfood Purchasing Department. It was a real pleasure for me to work in a team of such professionals. Within those 2 months, while I was on practice, I fell in love with the company. It really gave me a lot. I gained priceless experience in a foreign company. When my practice came to an end in August I was very sad to leave.

I addressed the HR Department asking for a permanent position. After that I went through a couple of interviews and came back as an employee in November of 2005. Today I’m an HR Assistant. I am very pleased the company gave me an opportunity to continue my working here.

Mrs. E. Komar – OTP Bank, Head of Sales Support Division (2007)

Good education, students come with a good level of English language and readiness to continue studying- its ConcordiaUA (WIUU) students.

Come work with us!

Oleksandr Bondarchuk – OTP Bank, Deputy Head of Collections Department (ConcordiaUA, WIUU student, 2007)

I am currently working in OTP Bank Ukraine in Kiev in the position of Deputy Head of Collection Department. I started working in this bank three years ago as an intern student, performing bank clerical work. The experience gained helped me to learn more about the banking system in general, improve my knowledge of management and grow professionally. I want to kindly thank my university for giving me this opportunity of internship, and I hope our students will keep getting such opportunities, which would be helpful for them to define their future line of work.