Dual Bachelor’s Degree Program with the state University of Minnesota Crookston (USA)

Our students and would-be students are offered the opportunity to earn their bachelor’s degrees within our new Cooperative Bachelor’s Degree Program, launched jointly with the state University of Minnesota Crookston (USA):

At ConcordiaUA:

Management + BBA
International Business + BBA
International Economic elations + BBA

At University of Minnesota Crookston (USA):

International Business
Manufacturing Management
Quality Management
Sport and Recreation Management

Many other majors and minors are available upon request.

The cooperative program enables our undergraduate students to study in the international environment and obtain the relevant knowledge and competences at both partner universities while receiving the benefits of:

  • an opportunity to earn two (three) diplomas / degrees – one (two) from ConcordiaUA and one from our American partner university.
  • studying in the international environment and immersion in the advantages of entrepreneurship, technological and management innovations, international competences and skills.
  • being taught by highly qualified professors involved in international collaborative research projects.
  • no travel expenses and no visa necessary if studying online.
  • moderate tuition

Having successfully studied 30 bachelor’s program courses at ConcordiaUA (3 years), the students are to take at least 10 courses (incl. the minimum of 5 courses within the final term) at the University of Minnesota Crookston, available online, on campus or in a combination of both. In order to entitled to a

Ukrainian state diploma, the students are required to pass the final state certifying assessment.

As long as the program’s requirements have been fulfilled, successful graduates will be awarded the following diplomas:

  1. Diploma of the University of Minnesota Crookston
  2. International BBA Diploma from ConcordiaUA (accredited by FIBAA)
  3. Ukrainian state diploma from ConcordiaUA (provided they complete the program according to the national requirements, i.e. successfully sit state examinations)

Tuition charges (per year):

  • US $ 10,180 (on-campus)
  • US $ 11,351 (on-line)

Application deadlines:

  • Fall term (on-campus): July 21
  • Fall term (on-line): August 12

ConcordiaUA/WIUU alumni, students and family members meeting our partner university’s administration and faculty