Dual Master’s Degree Program with the University of Occupational Safety Management (Katowice, Poland)

ConcordiaUA offers a cooperative Master Degree Program with the University of Occupational Safety Management (the city of Katowice, Poland) in the following majors:

At ConcordiaUA:

Business Administration (MBA)
International Management


Project Management
Psychology in International Business

UOSM provides for the following:

  1. Not less than 200 classroom hours at UOSM in the field of a chosen major (the exact volume depends on the major)
  2. 50 hours of the Polish language classes
  3. Making up for the missing credits (arising from content differences in the core courses) either via e-learning or in the format of on-campus classes in Poland
  4. Access to UOSM library resources, global databases, journals, e-library of research materials
  5. Access to sports facilities (gyms and the indoor pool) with the Academic Sports Association
  6. Training at the Career Office on employment interview procedures, resume and cover letter writing)
  7. Cultural entertainment programs (concerts, galleries, theaters)
  8. Participation in professional internship schemes (See Note), incl.:
  • ERASMUS + (for Program graduates)
  • POWER (for students enrolled in the Program)

Note: A good command of the Polish language is required for internships undertaken in Poland; in case of training in other EU countries, good knowledge of English is a must.

UOSM tuition charges total EUR 565 PLN 2436, incl.:

  • EUR 500 or PLN 2150 – tuition fee
  • EUR 45 or PLN 200 – charges for the Polish language course
  • EUR 20 or PLN 86 – charges for the student’s book, student’s card and a diploma in Polish

In order to be eligible for participation in the program with UOSM, a ConcordiaUA student has to:

  1. Fill in the online application form, available in Ukrainian at ua.wszop.edu.pl/dwaand attach the following documents:
  • a scan-copy of the passport or any other photo
  • a scan-copy of the certificate of secondary education
  • a scan-copy of the bachelor diploma with the supplemented transcript
  • 1 color photo in the digital format (jpg, 20×25 mm, 300 dpi)
  1. Pay EUR 145 (PLN 630) towards tuition installment before the date assigned (to be agreed with ConcordiaUA administration)

In order to get enrolled in the program, a ConcordiaUA student has to:

  1. In person, submit the following documents:
  • the bachelor diploma/certificate with the supplemented transcript (or its copy signed and stamped by ConcordiaUA administration)
  • the vision statement of the diploma thesis (in Polish) completed at ConcordiaUA, in accordance with the UOSM practical profile “Management”
  • the official academic transcript from ConcordiaUA listing the courses studied and grades obtained, and certifying completion of at least one term of studies
  • a document confirming health condition and absence of contraindication to study in the profile “Management”
  • 2 color photos (size 35×45 mm)
  1. Submit the originals of the following documents for inspection:
  • the certificate of secondary education (or its copy, signed and stamped by ConcordiaUA administration)
    a valid visa / permit to stay in Poland
  • insurance and health insurance policy for term of stay in Poland
  1. Sign a student enrollment agreement with UOSM