Majawala Mcdonald (Alumni, Zimbabwe)

Ukrainian-American Concordia University (ConcordiaUA) gave me the opportunity to enter into the world of work with a very good foundation in international business and Business administration. This degree aided me in being able to go into the business field where I specialized in Marketing department and research and development. The dual program degree enabled me to work contractually with both federal and private, entities. The program at ConcordiaUA enriches students the importance of public speaking, the INS, and outs of how the organization operates and entrepreneurship mostly it prepares the student for the better future and being leaders of tomorrow. The atmosphere at the university is tremendously rich and top notch and this is aided by:

  • Highly experienced & skilled faculty members
  • The college is having all the world-class facilities for the betterment of the students
  • The college has a well-stocked library with all kinds of books

During my 3rd year, what I liked most was the ability of students to have internship programs internally and internationally organized by the university with well recognized companies such as Coca Cola, Microsoft, OBV finance company and many more. The experienced attained was worth the time and betterment for the nearest future.

Six months after I finished at Concordia in 2017 1 was hired at Study.Ua one of the biggest educational providers in Ukraine to run a marketing department. Specifically summer camp program for college children ranging from 7-16 y.o. This enforced the esprit dc corps working in a team. My life have become an overall success in my field of work and managing to start -up my own business. My success did not come overnight alone, but from the efforts of my professors A. Drobot, PHD N. Protsyn, Dr E. Volyvk, many more the list is long and most of all to Ukrainian-American Concordia University formerly known as Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine” for opening its doors for me.