Dual Diplomas with the USA

Yesterday, our two students, who became the first in our Double Degree Bachelor Program with the University of Minnesota, successfully completed their studies in the United States and received long-awaited diplomas. This is Anastasia Kravchenko and Bogdan Shkil.

Results of Business English Competition – 2019 Announced!

The results of our Business English Competition (held on Saturday April 13th) were announced on April 19th. Participants were welcomed and congratulated by UACU instructors, Maria Cristina Guarrera Mariani, Liubov V. Zharova, Natalia M. Protsun, and Halyna A. Bevzo. Head of BEC Panel, Ms. Tetiana V. Nyzhnyk, revealed the names winners and awardees.

Ukrainian-Slovenian Business Forum

Majawala Mcdonald (Alumni, Zimbabwe)

Fall Semester 2018 Best Students

Meet Mrs. Maria Cristina Guarrera Mariani (Italy) – a new ConcordiaUA instructor of American Culture, English and Italian.

Maria Cristina has always been involved in the art of teaching. Enthusiastic, passionate and creative. Believes in the force of learning and in priceless wealth of culture and education, lived in many corners of the world and from each country and culture she has tried to learn a lesson. Has translated books from English and Spanish into Italian and vice versa.
Maria Cristina believes she can transfer her current skills to support a class in their learning path.

Dear Students!

Hope you are enjoying your winter vacations.
ConcordiaUA Spring (Second) Semester starts February 4, 2019 and finishes June 10, 2019.
The Finals and Test-Center are planned from May 27 to June 10, 2019.
Looking forward to meeting you soon!
ConcordiaUA Dean’s Office
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