The mission of Co-Serve International is to model and cultivate servant leadership communities around the world. WIUU joined this program in 2010. This institution was organized by Dr. Marshall Christensen. The program presents the idea of servant leadership the idea that the best approach to leadership is serving and empowering others to help them reach their potential. Co-Serve International is putting the pieces together for a large program, which is today called the “International Servant Leadership Program”.


Students at Wisconsin International University Ukraine had a unique opportunity to participate in an international educational program organized by Co-Serve International – Servant Leadership during 2012 – 2013 academic year. The program focused on shifting the general opinion of leadership roles as well as promoting new leadership style amongst the participants. Participants, who completed both parts of the program, are invited to attend the international Co-Serve Servant Leadership Academy in Oregon, USA in July 2013. At the academy, students from different countries and continents deepen their knowledge of the newly learned concepts as well as see the Servant Leadership principles at work at various successful companies across the USA. Two WIUU students Irina Stasyuk and Dmitriy Petrov were among finalists and participated in the Program in Portland, Oregon. Our partners  are WIUU often guest – lecturers sharing theoretical and practical leadership issues, helping our students to get ready to their internship and future career.