Diamond FMS is a very powerful financial management system. Diamond makes planning, budgeting, consolidation and reporting fast and easy. Diamond was developed by a number of very experienced financial experts. Professionals who used all of their experience and knowledge to build a state-of-the-art financial management system.
We proudly announce that Diamond FMS in cooperation with Ukrainian-American Liberal Arts Institute “Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine” have conducted the Computer Science II Course for BBA Students.

The Course was aimed at teaching students business intelligence using the specially developed software for strategic forecasting and financial analysis – Diamond Financial Management System. The course consisted of 38 lab hours. 17 students started the course and 12 students finished. One student who showed outstanding results was invited to the Internship to the local office in Kiev. We have updated the methods of education to bring the knowledge of students to a higher level. Every bit of knowledge that students achieved was gained through hard work and devotion.

Diamond’s strategy is to invest into talented students. The course covered topics on business intelligence and offered the opportunity to experience the simulation of the real financial mechanism inside the company.

Cooperation with the Netherlands

Today our partners from Diamond Ukraine with Anastasiya Ruzhina have organized an interesting meeting for our students. Bernard Elsman, Senior Financial Advisor and owner of Group BV, Diamond FMS BV (Netherlands) shared the secrets of financial reporting and real-time forecasting.