Concordia University (Wisconsin / Ann Arbor) from the USA is a Co-Founder of Ukrainian-American Concordia University (WIUU)

In our twenty-first year, our longtime partner Concordia University (Wisconsin / Ann Arbor) became the official co-founder of our University. For us, it is a great honor that our co-founder has agreed to use the word-symbol Concordia in our new name! The meaning of the word Concordia – consensus, agreement, peace – is gaining more importance and weight in the historical development of the world, countries, society and individual. We are sure that our University, which is now called the Ukrainian-American Concordia University, will continue to provide high-quality business education in accordance with the best international standards.

Concordia University Wisconsin has been educating students in mind, body, and spirit for more than 125 years, and are affiliated with the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod and the Concordia University System.

Concordia University Wisconsin is regionally accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Regional accreditation agencies are recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to accredit degree granting colleges and universities.

In the interest of establishing a relationship between WIUU and Concordia University Wisconsin it was signed the memorandum of understanding on September the 13-th, 2015. The parties agreed to develop educationally related activities and academic exchange programs.

Dual Diploma Master Program with Concordia University Wisconsin/Ann Arbor (USA)

In April 2018 Ukrainian-American Concordia University signed Articulation agreement with Concordia University Wisconsin/Ann Arbor (USA). Now our students can get a master’s degree in management of foreign economic activity/MBA of our University and a master degree in business specializations at our partner Concordia University Wisconsin/Ann Arbor (USA). To do this, six subjects from the agreed master’s curriculum will be taken by students at Concordia University Wisconsin/Ann Arbor (USA) – online or at one of the campuses of Wisconsin or Michigan.

American education constitutes the important part of the American Studies Program. Students of WIUU had the opportunity to get acquainted with the American system of education on the example of Concordia University Wisconsin (USA).
Concordia University of Wisconsin is one of the largest in the Concordia system in America. Today our students were informed of the structure of CUW the director of the Department of International Education, Dr. David Birner. David told about the organization of American higher education on the example of his university, since now Ukrainian students have the opportunity to continue their studies at our partner – CUW.

WIUU Delegation at Concordia University Wisconsin (USA)

From October 15 till October 23 WIUU representatives prof. O. Romanovsky (Rector) and I. Romanovska (Vice-Rector) were on a business trip by the invitation of Concordia University Wisconsin (CUW), during which they visited CUW campuses in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Mequon, Wisconsin.

This visit let WIUU representatives discover more about learning environment in CUW and discuss more plans forward universities’ cooperation. Representatives were informed with the new modern learning process organization and learning environment in CUW campuses in Ann Arbor, Michigan and Mequon, Wisconsin. The opportunity for WIUU and CUW students of receiving dual diplomas were successfully negotiating. Also new curriculums, BBA and MBA programs that allow getting dual degrees were developed. The conditions of mutual advertisement, marketing and exhibition activity, exchange-programs of students and teachers between WIUU and CUW were negotiated.

Studying at Concordia University Wisconsin (USA)

From October 15 till October 23 WIUU representatives took part in the CUW learning process, discussions with CUW administrations and teachers concerning problems of higher education and students’ moral and ethical upbringing. Prof. I. Romanovska participated in classes on Management, Economics, International business, History of the United States and Political Science.

WIUU students on the celebration of International Week at Concordia University

On 14-22 November 2015 Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine delegation took part in the celebration of International Week which traditionally takes place at Concordia University (Wisconsin, the USA) at that time. In September 2015 honorable representatives of Concordia University Wisconsin (USA) led by President Dr. Patrick Ferry paid an official visit to WIUU. During their stay in Kyiv three best students were selected to represent their university and the country on the celebration of International Week in the USA. They were Yuliya Morozova, Yulia Sobkova and Diala Sallam – students of bachelor program “Management” and international program «Bachelor of Business administration». The group was accompanied by Director of the International Department of WIUU Mrs. Olga Glazova.