The University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule) is a public university located in Worms, Germany. It was founded in 1978. The University of Applied Sciences Worms, comprising faculties of business, tourism/transportation, and informatics, is accredited by FIBAA, an agency which specializes on accreditation of international business administration programs.

In 2012, after  fruitful discussions with Mr. Jan Metzler and his colleagues from Hochschule Worms Administration, WIUU signed the protocol of intentions with University of Applied Sciences. The main purpose of the intentions is to cooperate, to develop a variety of academic arrangements that will be to the mutual benefit of both staff and students of the two institutions in order to promote academic linkages and to enrich the understanding of economics, politics and culture of the two countries concerned.

In November 2015, WIUU Vice-Rector Dr. Iuliia Romanovska discussed cooperation between the Universities during her visit to Hochschule Worms. As a result a visit of a group of WIUU students was planned and in November 2016 a first group of WIUU students was invited and visited Hochschule Worms. The visit was sponsored also by WIUU German Friends Dr. Hartwig Lorenz and Dr. Hendrik Doss. Together with Prof. Dr. Honorary Consul of Ukraine to Germany HansJuergen Doss, our German colleagues have helped to establish educational cooperation between Ukrainian and German partners.

When the students came to Germany, they were hosted by the wonderful German families who took great care of our students, advised them, organized an interesting cultural program and helped them feel at home and better understand German traditions and way of life.

On November 7, 2016 the Protocol of Intentions between two institutions was refreshed and signed by the President of University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule) Worms – Prof., Dr. Jens Hermsdorf and WIUU Rector – Prof., Dr. Oleksandr O. Romanovskyi.

In terms of this Protocol one of WIUU students – Miss Victoria Pogiba – is invited to study at Hochschule Worms as a WIUU exchange student during 2017 Winter Semester.

Enjoy our students impressions regarding their visit to Worms, Germany in November 2017!


WIUU Exchange Student at our Partner University of Applied Sciences in Worms (Germany)

WIUU second-year student, Victoria Pogyba, is among 56 international students from 17 countries of the world, who are exchange students at  the University of Applied Sciences in Worms (Germany) for Spring Semester 2017. Below is a Press Release of the German University site:

56 Studierende sind angekommen, davon planen 40 einen Aufenthalt für ein Semester und 16 werden auch noch im Wintersemester 2017/18 an der Hochschule bleiben. Mit den Austauschstudierenden, die im WS 2016/17 angekommen sind und auch das Sommersemester 2017 an der Hochschule Worms studieren, sind insgesamt 92 Austauschstudierende eingeschrieben. Die größte Gruppe, so der Leiter des International Centers, Joachim Mayer, kommt aus der Türkei mit 8 Studierenden, gefolgt von der Volksrepublik China (8), Jordanien (7) und Libanon (6).

Erstmals sind Austauschstudierende der Universidad de Santiago de Chile (Chile), der Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen und der IAE Gustave Eiffel University (Paris) sowie der Wisconsin International University in Kiew (Ukraine) für ein oder zwei Semester in der Nibelungenstadt mit dabei. Und die Zahlen belegen, die Reisefreudigkeit ist bei den jungen Frauen und Männern gleich hoch.

Gute Betreuung vor Ort

Für die Austauschstudierenden ist besonders zu Beginn eine gute Betreuung vor Ort wichtig. Dabei helfen die Orientierungswochen mit einem breiten und abwechslungsreichen Programm, den Einstieg zu erleichtern. Das Angebot wird immer wieder sehr gerne angenommen, können die Verantwortlichen des International Center, Martina Brodhäcker und Ilka Schall, bestätigen. Traditionell beginnen die Orientierungswochen mit einem gemeinsamen Frühstück in der Mensa, das am letzten Montag stattfand.

Auch in diesem Jahr wird das Team des International Center tatkräftig von einigen Regelstudierenden, der sogenannten „First Aid“-Gruppe, unterstützt. Die Neuankömmlinge werden bei den ersten Schritten in der Nibelungenstadt begleitet. Ob es um das Abholen vom Bahnhof geht, die Begleitung in die neue Wohnung oder das Eröffnen eines Bankkontos, die „Buddies“ unterstützen ihre internationalen Kommilitoninnen und Kommilitonen dort, wo es gerade nötig ist.

In den nächsten Tagen steht die Anmeldung bei der Stadt Worms sowie Intensiv-Deutsch-als-Fremdsprache-Kurse auf dem Programm. So lernen sich die jungen Menschen aus der ganzen Welt untereinander gut kennen und können ihre interkulturellen Kompetenzen weiter ausbauen und trainieren. Die Austauschstudierenden werden in einem Seminar „Interkulturelles Management“ entsprechend sensibilisiert.

Auch im Sommersemester 2017 darf die Exkursion in die Bundeshauptstadt nach Berlin nicht fehlen. „Jedem, der für ein oder zwei Semester bei uns in Worms studiert, wollen wir die Möglichkeit geben, auch unsere Hauptstadt und somit auch unsere Geschichte direkt vor Ort, näher kennenzulernen und zu verstehen“, so der Leiter des International Centers an der Hochschule Worms, Joachim Mayer.

Reviews of our students about the University of Worms.

Katrin Naddur

Our visit to Germany, Land Rheinland-Pfalz, took place from the 3rd to 18th of November. The date was chosen due to the fact that at that moment the University held the international level students fair. The purposes of our arrival was the development of friendly relations between «Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine» and University of Worms (Germany), to exchange the studying experience, compare it with the one we have in Ukraine and represent our university on the international student’s fair. We were supposed to live in German families and it is important to note that the families treated us very well and tried to make our trip as great as possible. They made every day special for us. Starting from food and ending with cultural program and various trips, which did not allow us to get bored even for a single moment. On the November 7, 2016, the learning process began. We took different classes in the sphere of economics for 2 weeks. However, even in such a short period we have managed to gain some knowledge on various interesting topics and issues. What was also noticeable is the difference between the educational atmosphere in Germany and in Ukraine. We did enjoy this trip so much. And we are very grateful for this opportunity which was created by WIUU! In addition, I would love to say a separate big thank you to my host-parents, who were unbelievably kind to me and did their best to make my stay in Germany comfortable and exciting. I am extremely glad I met such wonderful people.

Victoria Pogiba

My University “WIUU” gave me an opportunity to go to Germany and to study there for 2 weeks. That was amazing because of Germany and because of their university. When I first saw the building, I gasped. Firstly, the location of the University. It is located near the Central station 15 minutes away. Cases have the form as new. All rooms are equipped with new appliances and every room has Wi-Fi. We met with our teachers, who told us about the University, who studies there, how lectures are created, etc. Then we had a tour of the University buildings, cafeteria and library. After finishing our tour and conversation, we were invited to have lunch at their cafe. Almost all the staff at the university is russian / ukrainian women. All the lectures were very interesting. We were at the lectures of teachers who taught at this University, we also got 3 or 4 times the  representatives from different companies who presented their speech. This University has completely changed my opinion. If someone in Germany ever says that he is a University student, it really is. I t was interesting when we got a lecture where the students were introducing some company. It really was incredibly, and at some point my motivation woke up, that I also should be able to prepare and work as these students. I really liked the University. Every day for me was incredible and unique.

Max Glazov

On November 3, our university (WIUU) organized a trip for me and a 3 other students. With me came Katrin Naddur (4th year student of BBA program), Alexander Deineko (5th year student of MBA program) and Victoria Pogiba (2nd year student of BBA program). As for accommodation, the Germans who are member of the Ukrainian-German society were very kind to offer us to stay in their members` families. They also made every effort to fill our journey with steep impressions and emotions for which we are very grateful. They planned out each day of our stay in Germany and saturated it with various excursions, travels and even with small details. Thank you so much for the possibility to see the old town of Mainz and Worms as well as for the opportunity to go to a concert of classical Musicians in an incredibly beautiful castle of Mannheim. Our classes began on the November 7. As we studied economics and business in our university, the Head of International Cooperation Department provided us with the classes that are taught on their Masters of International Management Program. We took different classes of this program for 2 weeks. It`s interesting to note that even in such a short period we were able to contribute on classes and gain some new knowledge. I really liked this trip and I want to thank WIUU for such great opportunity.