Artemiy Shvedkov and Rostyslav Liubchenko

Artemiy Shvedkov and Rostyslav Liubchenko

Master, 2016

We graduated from ConcordiaUA (WIUU) in 2014.

Since that time Rostyslav worked as market research analyst at Nielsen company, where he daily conducted marketing and financial analysis and forecasts for market leaders.

Artemiy worked as manger and business trainer in Team Expert training company.

In 2015 we decided to open a steampunk Pub in Krakow, Poland. We created business plan and found a group of investors to make their dream come true.

Our Pub opened its doors in February 2016. It is located in the 16th century cellar in the very heart of Krakow. Pub attracts guests by karaoke nights, quest game, board-game tournaments, disco parties, and sportive translations.

We both, Artemiy and Rostyslav admit that our business had no chanses to exist without backgroung we have received in WIUU. The university gave us knowledge and skills which helped us to open and run our business on highly competitive market.

Besides important subjects such as Human Resourse Management, Operational Management, Financial Management, Risk Management which are used by us on the daily basis, the University has provided us with extremely important practical skills through different projects. Which university in Ukraine could provide such mighty background? Only WIUU.