He teaches the history of Ukraine and the history of Ukrainian culture

In 2012 he graduated from Kyiv National Pedagogical University named after MP Dragomanova with honors (MA History) and enrolled in graduate school department of the Institute of History of World War II the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In 2016 he successfully defended his thesis on “Political poster and caricature as a means of ideological struggle in Ukraine 1939 – 1945rr.” And received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (specialization 07.00.01 – History of Ukraine). Since 2015 Fellow of the Institute of History of NAS of Ukraine, member of the National Union ethnographers Ukraine.

Engaged in research activities in the History of World War II. Research interests: international conflicts propaganda during wars and conflicts, manipulation of public opinion, information warfare, intelligence agencies role in shaping human behavior during conflicts.

The founder and curator of the educational project «PLAKATIST». The author of more than thirty articles of scientific and popular character published in academic journals in Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Georgia, Romania.