Roxolana Yarema

It was a great meeting of WIUU and Concordia University representatives. I’ve got a lot of useful information about exchange programs and education abroad. Students were really impressed by the speech and wanted to know more about opportunities in Concordia University, so Dr. Patrick Ferry and wise directors and professors did their best and gave answers to all questions. They also told us about their students, education system, and actually how do they do their job. I was happy to hear that WIUU will cooperate with Concordia University because this collaboration gives us capabilities to study abroad. So thanks so much for this adorable meeting, hope that will have more lectures in future.

I’m also really excited about this meeting! Michael Ruiss is the Managing Director and publisher of TOP Magazine Frankfurt Rhein-Main, also he is actively engaged on behalf of international companies and universities. He informed us about different aspects of working in in the field of journalism. Everything he said was really impressive! Many questions were given by the auditory and interesting answers were given by Mr.Ruiss. I enjoyed his lecture and hope to see him again!

P.S.: I’m the one who got the magazine Happy about that!

Viktoria Pogiba

If you want to know how to be successful in publishing, you must to visit Michael Ruiss’s lecture! Michael Ruiss is a publisher of TOP Magazine Frankfurt Rhine-Main.The most positive and the cleverest person in his job! He told us about advertising, magazines, covers affect the buyers, how to write the contents of the log. Thanks to our university for making such event! We had a lot of fun and a lot of information! I hope we will have more lecture with professors from another country. It was very good experience!

It was a very interesting meeting with a Concordia University representers in Wisconsin International University Ukraine (WIUU).Dr,Patrick Ferry, Dr.David Birner, Dr.William Cario, Mr.Terry Dovanar and Mr. Allen Prochnown gave us a lot of important information about the various aspects of leadership: management in education, particularly the organization of higher education in America, they told us about their job , how they teach students, how to be a clever human.Our audience had a lot of quections and representatives from Concordia University answered all of them. Im so thankful to them, because they have found time to come to our university. Thanks to all of professors and hope to will be at their lecture again.

Dima Butuzov

This event was marvelous! Compliance is important and necessary to every self-respecting company. It’s out there to pave the way from a legality standpoint, and to make personnel aware of all company regulations. These standards ensure personnel are adhering to the goals established by your organization, while also abiding by the laws and stipulations set forth by the local, state, and national governments.

Im a honored and grateful to receive such knowledge from acknowledged professionals

It was an honor to participate in this event!

Im glad that my university offers possibilities like these, for us to learn from experienced economists. This meeting was fundamental to my further learning process. I learned how to be a leader, how to face upcoming business life and therefore how to succeed at my goals.

I thank the University of Concordia for providing us with this event!

Anton Artemenko

It was a meeting with a Concordia University representers in Wisconsin International University Ukraine (WIUU). I’m so thankful to Dr,Patrick Ferry, Dr.David Birner, Dr.William Cario, Mr.Terry Dovanar and Mr. Allen Prochnow, for a nice representing Concordia University, for telling us about opportunities in Concordia University, and advantages of their. It was a really useful meeting between two partners Wisconsin International University Ukraine (WIUU) and Concordia university. I found this meeting very useful to me, because in a future I will might have chance to be there. Thanks to all representers for a such a nice meeting.

Kristina Gutnik

It was a fantastic meeting with wonderful people who found the time to share with us their experience and I was really glad to attend it. Dr. Patrick Ferry, Dr. David Birner, Dr. William Cario, Mr. Terry Donavan and Mr. Allen Prochnow – representatives from Concordia University told us really a lot of interesting things about University and Leadership.Thanks to our university for making such events more often and would like to attend such meetings.

Anastasia Levshina

Once again our university gave us an opportunity to meet such respected people as Dr. Patrick Ferry, Dr. David Birner, Dr. William Cario, Mr. Terry Donavan and Mr. Allen Prochnow. This time besides a topic of the lecture “leadership”, invited guests told us about university of Concordia. It was very interesting for me to listen to them about the attitude towards the students, how they appreciate children who arrived from different corners of the world, they teach students from 25 countries! They like to know new cultures, new food, traditions and history of their students’ countries. Also they told about the approach to study and about importance of spiritual faith. The guests were opened to answer any questions and were glad to share their experience . Thank you, WIUU!

Alexeev Andriy

What is my impression about this lecture? I never thought that the meeting with teachers of Concordia University can be so interesting! It was interesting to learn about prospects of development of american education in Ukraine. Also unexpectedly been found about new exchange program between Concordia University and WIUU. In other words, thanks for adorable time, it was cool and I hope that next meetings will be like this one!

Albina Potabenko

Our university keeps pleasing us with interesting ideas and events. It never stops developing and expanding. This time we were glad to hear that WIUU is planning to sign an agreement about cooperation with famous Concordia University in Wisconsin. Due to this fact our university recently arranged student meeting with delegation from future partner. Therefore president of Concordia University Dr. Patrick Ferry together with wise directors and professors met with students and presented us their establishment from all perspectives. It was interesting lecture since the highest executives told us not only about the history of foundation of the university, but also about its peculiarities, practices that were used and the secrets of success of the establishment. As we found out, the cooperation of our universities will open new opportunities we all were waiting for a long time. First of all it is exchange program that will enable our students to go and study in USA in Concordia University. During the lecture we explore about some peculiarities of educational system at all and benefits of studying abroad. It was useful interesting and informative lecture. Members of delegation patiently answered all questions and provided all information that was interesting for students. We hope to hear about signing of the cooperation contract soon, since it will give all students new brilliant opportunities.

Yulia Morozova

I am really glad that I got a chance to meet and to talk to such experienced and intelligent people. It was very interesting to get to know about the role of Christianity in higher education, as well as the peculiarities of the Lutheran faith, in particular. This lecture was very inspirational. I learned about an Advisory Board, which is made up of specialists from different areas, who advise students and teachers on the practical aspects of their field. I believe that it is a great idea to have such an organization at any educational establishment, and it might be very useful to introduce something similar at our university. It was also valuable to hear about the role and the meaning of diversity in universities. Besides all of that, I realized what being a leader means: to serve others, to take responsibility, to know your mission and to be passionate about what you are doing. I will try to use this information to develop both as a person and a professional. Thank you WIUU for such an opportunity and I hope there are more interesting lectures to come.

Marina Gomez

It was a very wonderful seminar. I discovered a new concept of education and leadership. Representatives from Concordia University told about University ,Leadership, MBA. Many new and interesting things I learned through them.I listened to how to lead and how to properly dispose of all .As special education for us how best to study and make it all to become profenionalom his case. Where better to probation and to obtain skills . Thanks my University own way for arranging such meetings. This is extremely useful!