Dear Master Students!

We’ve created special group for communication (ConcordiaUA Master Programs): for sharing the information on your classes, internship, upcoming events, schedule changes, deadlines, seminars, projects, Dual Diploma Programs, career development issues and all other questions.
Please, join the group!

MIM degree is more than a degree. It is a life-changing opportunity which can open many doors for you in the professional world. One of the ways it is done is through the network students can build while at ConcordiaUA. Our students have diverse functional expertise. Our alumni work in different business sectors in national and international companies. This is a great resource students can use to expand the network.

At ConcordiaUA, we take the question of helping students build their professional network very seriously. Different events are organized where students and alumni can meet each other. Furthermore, ConcordiaUA is interested in helping our alumni in their professional growth.

Dr. Oleksandra Romanovska, an Internship and Career Development, PR and Communications Coordinator runs the questions regarding Alumni Network, Internships and Career planning.

The following companies are internship places for our students where many ConcordiaUA graduates continue to work on a full time basis: