Language School

Language School, Courses and Test Preparation in English, German and Spanish

  • Regular  Semester  Courses  (September-December; February-May)
  • Intensive Summer Courses (July and August)
  • Trainings with native speakers.

WIUU Language School admits:

  • high school students
  • everyone who wants to learn or improve English, Business English, German, Spanish etc.

WIUU organizes courses for test preparation including TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS.

Join us for Business English Courses

Type of Fee Fee for full time students Total tuition fee/ period of study
Michigan Test 260 UAH
English School 2850 UAH/60 hours 5700 UAH/ 2 semesters
English Summer Intensive School 1900 UAH/40 hours

Executive Programs and Trainings

Intensive Corporate Training for Ukrainian companies and enterprises

During the academic year WIUU delivers the seminars, language courses, corporate trainings of economic courses:

  • International Standards of Accounting
  • Sales Technologies
  • Marketing
  • Hotel and Tourism Management for the top managers of companies and for individual students.

Curriculum of courses is developed according to the knowledge and requirements of each group.

WIUU organizes courses, trainings, and seminars for local business executives who need training in specific areas of Economics, International Standards of Accounting, Sales Technologies, Marketing, Hotel Management, German, English etc. The aim is to provide knowledge and skills according to the expectations and desired outcomes of the trainees. Careful needs analysis is carried out before the program starts. The program is designed with consideration of the trainees’ needs and background.

WIUU Master Class on Leadership and Business

There is a Master Class on Leadership and  Business provided for WIUU students. Experts of international organizations, responsible members of diplomatic missions, MPs, non-government organizations and business circles representatives are invited to work with the students in the Master Class format.

Computer Courses

WIUU Information Technologies Center offers courses in Computer Science and access to the Internet. The students have the opportunity to get either basic training in PC skills or expand their knowledge and computer competence.

WIUU Center is equipped with a sufficient number of computers. It is possible to study Information Technologies and modern software applications.

WIUU High School Programs

WIUU university program for high school students is provided according to the institute’s curriculum. The main areas of study include foreign languages, computer courses and economic courses. The graduates have the range of admission privileges. This program gives qualified students a head start towards a college degree. Accepted students join WIUU students in taking regular courses taught by University faculty members. Prior to enrollment students take the test of English.

WIUU Master Class for High School Students

Ukrainian high school students enjoy attending WIUU Master Class where they get training in Introductory Courses to Leadership, Business, Marketing, IT, Sociology and many other issues.

Our young friends take part in Master Classes devoted to Business English and English Composition.

All the above  classes are taught in English by Internationally Certified Faculty.

We offer classes in Arts, Dancing, Singing and Swimming!