After classes ConcordiaUA faculty and staff members are always ready to meet with students in order to provide help, to advice, to outline plans for future scientific research, career development and just to spend time together. The Student Council of ConcordiaUA is something special that helps students become responsible and active members of the community. The Student Council, as a voice of students, helps share ideas, interests, and students’ concerns with the Professors, Deans and the Rector. The University is proud for its charitable activities. ConcordiaUA students support three orphanages. Students have a possibility to make an input in someone’s life! In addition to its representative function, the Student Council organizes events during the year such as conferences, meetings, trips, sports competitions, student picnics, celebrations etc. Our Student Council encourages you to make the most of your university experience and wish you the best of luck this year!

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ConcordiaUA successfully collaborates with Music Mission Kyiv (MMK). MMK was established by Roger and Diane McMurrin in 1993. MMK has realized its purpose by presenting concerts in Kyiv, other parts of Ukraine, conducting American tours as well as tours of Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Music Mission Kyiv members are desired guests of ConcordiaUA.

As ConcordiaUA students express a great interest in practicing English and German with native speakers, the ROSE-Club for ConcordiaUA has been organized. ROSE stands for Relationships, Openness, Skills and Education. In the club ConcordiaUA students have the opportunity to speak on topics of their interest (gained from surveys) and meet native speakers.