MBA Alumni 2020 Reunion

Ukrainian-American Concordia University has been cooperating with the alumni since its the first graduation of 2001. This is a multilateral cooperation, it was brought to UACU (WIUU at that time) by our American colleagues who told us about traditional strong relationships of American Universities with their alumni. 

It’s not that there are no contacts with graduates at Ukrainian Universities, but the nature of them here comes from the Soviet epoch: graduates meetings in spring time, Invitation of those who achieved some high positions for the 1st of September etc. Sure, there always have been personal friendly and professional relations between the faculty and alumni and between the graduates themselves. But it’s something different. No surprise that now we often hear from the Ukrainian government about the necessity of alumni careers research for higher education development etc.

In the USA, and I believe in many other countries, alumni are the most important part of the University, they are the University profile, it’s a community, association, club, sponsorship, donations, employers for the graduates, placements for students internships, participants and leaders of events, academics, charities and much more.

We have been trying to incorporate this experience into UACU activities.

Our cooperation is developing in various formats:

  • Academics 
  • Internships for students 
  • Employment places for graduates 
  • Guest lecturing
  • Workshops, master classes 
  • Attending university events: research, popular and entertainments, tours, sports, professional gatherings, accreditation procedures etc.
  • Charity projects 
  • Mentoring and advising students 
  • Just visiting the alma mater, friendly meetings
  • Alumni Club
  • Alumni reunions
  • Social networking: FB, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, telegram etc.
  • Feedback on the university website.

Great respect for LinkedIn for uniting and analyzing the data on the alumni – where they live, work, what university knowledge they use, what they are skilled in.

It’s not the statistics analysis, but it gives the feeling of tendencies and understanding of the most valuable issues for your alumni, what the priorities are, what issues need development:—wiuu/people/

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