Library Director – Mrs. Tetiana Oleksandrivna Romanovska


The principal objectives of our Library are to provide information support, facilitate the education and research process, and to satisfy the readers’ demands in the most efficient way and at the shortest possible time. Today, ConcordiaUA’s Library is a significant information and cultural center of the Ukrainian-American Concordia University, providing bibliographical and information services to foster the teaching, learning and research processes at UACU. The development, shaping, preserving, and management of in-house and global resources are in line with the educational and research activities of UACU, providing for information and research support to students, faculty, and staff on ground of accessibility, operational efficiency, informative value, and convenience.


The Library collection totals 16,125 items (as of January 1st, 2019).


ConcordiaUA’s Library has a sufficient number of modern Ukrainian, American and other foreign course books, handbooks, scientific and feature literature, video and audio courses and periodicals. Electronic catalogs, journals, reference guides, encyclopedias and dictionaries in different areas are at students’ disposal. Our collections are open for use in the Library’s reading room.


The universal INTERNET-center opens access to the world’s virtual databases: libraries, information centers, foreign publishing houses, archives of scholarly and scientific journals. The INTERNET provides distance learning technologies, and integrates ConcordiaUA into the scholarly community by connecting us to colleagues and partners all over the world.


A Library Counselor will not only assist you in literature search, but also advise students on various issues related to the Library’s operations. Do you have any questions about the Library’s policies, services and access to resources? Address your queries to our librarian in real time (via telephone), by e-mail or in person. Feel free to ask your questions in any convenient way.


The Library enables students to keep abreast of new developments, follow the achievements of their peers, do research and obtain the necessary information.


The Library provides for additional educational opportunities to the students interested in acquiring new knowledge, including manuals, reference resources, scholarly articles, periodicals and audio materials.


Students enrolled in the joint dual degree programs have full access to our partner universities’ resources – libraries, internet resources, distance learning platforms, etc.



Admissions Department

The Admission Office is open
9:00 – 18:00 on Weekdays
10:00 – 16:00 on Saturdays
Sundays: Closed

at the address:
8–14, Turhenievska Street, Kyiv
Office 1-4

Tel: +380(44)236-19-16;
Tel: +380(44)236-19-49
Tel./fax: +380(44)486-06-66 +380(50)331-42-95


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Tel.: +380(44)236-19-16;
Tel.: +380(44)236-19-49
Tel./fax: +380(44)486-06-66 +380(50)331-42-95


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